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Daisy & Louis // Venice post wedding

An unforgettable pre sunrise experience in Venice ending in the golden light hour

For our Hong Kong bride Daisy and her husband Louis only the best would do for their European adventures. They already experienced a wonderful pre wedding / wedding / sunset photo session in Prague that left them speechless. They were so over joyed by that experience that when they arrived for their honeymoon in Venice they thought - why not do it again and with Kurt?

When they called I was not only quite surprised but humbled. The truth is they could have chosen any of the talented Venice photographers. As they exclaimed they loved their session in Prague so much they simply did not want to risk not having that experience again - it was that important to them. As Venice is a city that I both love and know intimately and I really enjoyed these two wonderful people - I simply could not refuse. Thankfully my schedule also allowed my assistant and I to make it. My only request: would they be willing to start their session at 4:30 am? They were totally game in fact they were hoping I would ask that of them.

A few days later we met up again in the middle of the historic St Mark's piazza. As we hugged and laughed, the only sounds that we heard were a few boats motoring off in the distance and the chirping of birds as they awoke to a new day. Having the entire square and the facade of the historic St. Mark's Basilica was an otherworld experience. We were all smiles taking it in and pointing out the unique visual points that make this place so incredible. Seeing these two again was like being around old friends.

After a few moments it was time to head off to explore as the sky was changing quickly from pitch black to royal blue. As Daisy and Louis walked around they would stop, hug, kiss, laugh and hold each other tight as they soaked up the atmosphere devoid of other people.

We did capture a few of the typical Hong Kong styled posed photos (for the parents) but knowing that was not what this was really about we just followed along and at times pointed out points of interest that would be ideal for photo shooting. As this session was more about them experiencing that morning and in their own way - we kept our art directing to a minimum.

The best thing about their session? Capturing the many wonderful moments they experienced as they explored one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice.

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