wedded couple watching sunrise over canals of Venice

wedded couple watching sunrise over canals of Venice

Daisy & Louis photographed during their Honeymoon photo session in Venice

Instead of the traditional wedding day approach, these two woke up quite early to experience a pre sunrise portrait session atop the historic Charles Bridge in Prague. The twilight provided them with an unforgettable morning as the sky changed colors above. After exploring the 'City of 100 Spires' and many of its wonderful locations it was time to do what they came to Prague for: to get married.

Their intimate wedding ceremony was at the Old Town Hall followed by a horse & carriage ride. Later in the afternoon we caught up with Daisy & Louis again for one final session: a late afternoon & sunrise session in their evening wear. Though it was an incredibly long day - time went by very quidkly as everyone was having a great time. It was also one of the most unforgettable sessions.

Daisy & Louis contacted me a few days later from Venice. They had one last request: would I be willing to travel there for a special Honeymoon session? I not only smiled but was totally game. My only request: would they consider a pre sunrise session? Their answer was emphatic: Yes!

A few days later we did just that - captured these two as they explored the historic canals where the only noises are the birds above and the humming of boat engines in the distance. They laughed, cuddled, embraced, ran away and towards each other, kissed and pointed out the little things that make Venice so unforgettable.

Several years have passed since and though we have had many sessions and wonderful couples, there is something quite special about this wonderful couple and the adventure they experienced.

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