Fine Art wedding photos from Venice

Fine Art wedding photos from Venice

As the pigeons land nearby Daisy & Louis are silhouetted against the skyline of St Mark’s Basilica at sunrise.

Daisy & Louis had experienced a pre sunrise pre-wedding in Prague during their wedding day. They so enjoyed having the gas lamp streets and historical sites all to themselves that when they arrived in Venice they simply decided to have the same experience. When they called me asking if I would be willing to travel and captured them I was game. They are two wonderful people and their wedding day experience was one of highlights. My only concern was the timeline. So when I propose to them the idea of getting up very early they agreed as that was what they were wishing.

One of the highlights of that beautiful day in Venice was simply walking through a nearly deserted Piazza San Marco shortly after sunrise. The buskers were already out coaxing the pigeons and as we arrived the sunlight began to break above the skyline above. It was exactly what they were hoping for. There is something truly wonderful about walking in the shaft of sunlight that breaks between these historic buildings such as St Mark's Basilica. As Daisy & Louis walked towards the pigeons this wonderful scene took place.

Even though I am a portrait photographer I am in love with contrasty & stark images that retain a fine art feel. Thankfully Daisy & Louis appreciated these kinds of images where it is more about capturing the mood as opposed to perfectly exposed photos where the 'faces are bright.' This style of photography is not for everyone but for those who appreciate a more fine art aesthetic — these kinds of images are a one of a kind. Much like this wonderful couple from Hong Kong who had an unforgettable wedding experience in not only Prague but also in Venice.

Fine Art wedding photos from St Mark's Basilica, Venice

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