backlit bride & groom Venice Honeymoon photos

backlit bride & groom Venice Honeymoon photos

Bride flailing her veil with her groom in the early morning sunlight in Venice.

Daisy & Louis traveled over from Hong Kong to marry in the medieval city of Prague. When they contacted me they asked what is the best way to have a session in Prague? When I found out it was to be just the two of them and that their wedding was at 1 pm, I knew just the answer: A pre sunrise photo session. Not only were they completely game they were super excited.

On a wonderful summer day in Prague we did just that, caught up with them atop the Charles Bridge before sunrise. They laughed, hugged, posed and cuddled in their wedding outfits as the twilight changed from blue to the Golden Hour. After a small breakfast and change of hair & makeup we escorted our new friends to the Old Town Hall where they married. A horse & carriage ride ended our morning session. For those keeping track it was 6 hours. But our day was not done. These two Hong Kongers love to be photographed and as it was their wedding day they had one final session: a 2 hour sunset session in their evening wear.

As we had so many wonderful images from the am session we just walked around at a leisurely pace as they explored, laughed, hugged and kissed some more. As we said our good bye's they were all smiles and so very happy.

To my surprise three days later they called from their hotel in Venice and asked if I had time to fly down and have a session with them? My only request: could we have a pre sunrise session? They answer was an emphatic Yes!

A few days later we met them in a deserted St. Mark's Square or as the locals call it Palazzo San Marco and had one of the most unforgettable experiences. For anyone considering having a portrait session in Venice I highly urge you to forgo a night session and instead get up very early to take advantage of one of the most beautiful cities in the world at its best: when no one is around. The romantic night time ambiance is one that few will ever forget. Add to it a sunrise session and a Golden Hour session you have the makings of a truly remarkable photo book that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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