To truly capture the beauty and the historic ambiance of Venice, devoid of the hordes of tourists one must get up early. Though it sounds tiring the results are: spectacular.

For our Hong Kong bride & groom Daisy & Louis - this was exactly the experience they wanted. Walking around the historic canals where the only noises are the birds above and the humming of boat engines in the distance was a surreal experience. Especially as the sky changed from the twilight to bright and sunny.

We had already provided them with an unforgettable wedding day experience in Prague. Their wedding day consisted of getting up quite early for a pre sunrise portrait session in their wedding attire. They had expeirenced the very best that this medieval city had to offer. After their morning session and marrying at the Old Town Hall we took a much needed break before heading out for a small sunset session in their evening wear.

Daisy & Louis were so happy with the results that when they arrived in Venice they contacted me and asked if I would consider traveling there for their Honeymoon session. I was quite surprised as they had already hired a local photographer but they wanted me. My only requests: would they get up early for a pre sunrise session? Their answer was an emphatic: yes!

On the day of we met up in St. Mark's Square or Palazza San Marco to begin their intimate and wonderful photo experience. With very little posing or art directing this session was simply about them exploring, laughing, cudddling and loving and living in the moment. We did capture some very posed portraits but the reality is this session was about them: living in the moment as husband and wife.

Luxury pre wedding photos - Venice Italy

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