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Lake Bled Weddings.
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The bride and her bird cage veil - Vila Bled
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Lake Bled Weddings.
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Lake Bled Weddings.
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Bled Castle, Slovenia at sunset

Takeshi & Akemi destination wedding Lake Bled Slovenia

This lively & fun couple traveled over from Japan for a very intimate and elegant elopement wedding in Lake Bled Slovenia.

The historic Vila Bled provided the wonderful background for our couples bridal prep overlooking the crystal clear Alpine lake as it reflected the colorful blue sky. As you can see these two are a very stylish and fun couple whose wedding attire was the centre of attention wherever we went on that wonderful day.

Once these two were ready to go it was time to walk down the historic steps from the Vila Bled. A few images capture the hot summer sun as it flared around our stylish couple.

The first stop was at Bled Castle which has a commanding view overlooking the crystal blue waters of the lake down below. The castle provided us with a few wonderful photo & video opportunities as they had their names created in the old style way followed up with a bottle of wine that was especially created for them. As these two come from Japan having some Slovenian traditions were a big hit as they proudly showed off their wares.

Then it was time to head to the church and marry. Afterwards we headed down the hill to the town hall to make it completely legal. Thankfully we were able to take our time as the temperature was searing hot and keeping these two cool was our priority. Thankfully the pictures do not show how hot it was - only the wonderful moments like jumping in front of the heart of Bled or the pictures with the horse & carriage.

What really makes this couples dream wedding so unique is not only the incredible locations such as the 12th century Bled Castle that overlooks the lake below, or the impressive 99 steps leading up to the Assumption of Mary Church but the most incredible Golden Light that bathed them in the late evening sunlight as they prepared to leave the historic island on a traditional Pletnas boat. The bride also took a turn in rowing her husband out in to the lake for a few moments of solitude and of course a fantastic image.

Obviously these two love to be photographed and with their very stylish outfits they were certainly the center of attention wherever we went on that incredible summer day in Slovenia. As a photographer I love working with couples like T&S whose love of life and each other is so visible.

Thank you T&S - I wish both of you much love, happiness and success in your new lives in Japan as husband and wife!

T&S Lake Bled destination wedding

Bride & Groom preparation location: Vila Bled

Photography locations: Bled Castle, Lake Bled, Assumption of Mary Church, Vila Bled

Civil Wedding: Lake Bled Town Hall

Church Wedding: St. Martin's Parish Church

Wedding planning Ryoko of EVC Events