kissed by the sunlight Bride & Groom Venice

kissed by the sunlight Bride & Groom Venice

Venice pre weddings I Honeymoon Photos

Daisy & Louis traveled over from Hong Kong to marry in Prague. After having such an incredible adventure they brought their Prague based photographer to Venice to have a specially created sunrise session.

One of the top googled items about pre-wedding photos or engagement photography locations in Venice is Top Venice Photo Locations. It is easy to understand why since there are so many wonderful locations in Venice. But the truth is, nearly anywhere in Venice when no one is out and the sun is barely breaking above the skyline is fantastic. This atmospheric and moody portrait of a gorgeous bride & groom snuggling up as the sun flares magically around them proves that point. There is no Rialto Bridge, or St Mark's or the Doge's Palace - it could have been captured anywhere.

What makes this picture work so well is that it captures a real moment. A moment where two people embrace, lovingly smile towards each other and of course the groom whispering something sweetly in his brides ear as the sun flares vividly around them. A simple moment beautifully captured in a nondescript location in Venice.

That brings us to another point: What is the best time of year for photo taking in Venice?

One of the most popular questions I am asked is when couples should take their pre weddings or overseas photos in Venice. The truth is it can be anytime of year. But the reality is: Venice floods starting in early September onwards to March. So yes, if you do not want to have to deal with the flooding then the best months are in the summer months. But those months are incredibly hot and muggy. A piece of advice: get up early before sunrise to enjoy the romantic night time ambiance (with not tourists) and experience the cool morning before it really heats up. If you are blessed with one of those gorgeous Venetian sunrises you will experience breath taking views as the sky flares above.

Kissed by the sunlight I Pre-Wedding Photos From Venice Italy

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