Venice landscapes - sun flared bride & groom

Venice landscapes - sun flared bride & groom

Daisy & Louis wanted only the best from their Venice Honeymoon or post wedding photo session.

They had already experienced an unforgettable wedding day in Prague. Instead of the traditional wedding day approach, these two woke up quite early to experience a pre sunrise portrait session atop the historic Charles Bridge as the sky vividly changed colors above them.

They had experienced the very best that the medieval city of Prague could offer. In addition to their morning photo session, they later married at the Old Town Hall before taking a long afternoon break before heading back out for a small sunset session in their evening wear. If it sounds exhausting - well, it really was. Except that these two were having the time of their lives with their photo session.

When they contacted me a few days later from Venice and inquired if I would be willing to travel there for a special Honeymoon session I was totally game. My only request: would they consider a pre sunrise session? Their answer was an emphatic Yes!

A few days later we were walking around the historic canals where the only noises are the birds above and the humming of boat engines in the distance. As we explored, they cuddles, laughed, embraced, kissed and pointed out the little things that make Venice so unforgettable.

It was a session that focused on capturing real moments as opposed to being posed all morning. The best photos are always those that are unscripted, real and honest. Much like this wonderful couple who traveled over from Hong Kong.

Venice landscapes - bride & groom in the morning sunflare

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