A beautiful wedding proposal Prague Charles Bridge
Authentic, emotional & real Prague engagement photos
Riverside marriage proposal Prague Lidia & Hiram 2
newly engaged watching sunrise Charles Bridge
best friend sets her up for a marriage proposal
Sexy pre-wedding photography from Prague
Sexy Shanghai couple at the riverside in Prague
making a wish
Charles Bridge Powder Tower marriage proposal
walking towards the early morning sun Old Town Square
watching his gf read a love letter I marriage proposal
Prague marriage proposal idea riverside Marry Me lights
She said Yes - ring bling - Prague marriage proposal
A dance atop the Kampa Steps - Prague marriage proposal
on his knee with the ring - Prague marriage proposal
 Riverside marriage proposal Prague Lidia & Hiram 3
romantic Prague marriage proposal ring on finger
An emotional hug for the newly engaged P&J
C&D marriage proposal Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral
marriage proposal in Prague captured at sunrise
Silhouetted against winter sky - N&J marriage proposal
an impromptu dance the newly engaged Prague Castle
newly engaged happily walking across the Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge marriage proposal the embrace
Kissing his fiancee in the Old Town Square
She said Yes Prague marriage proposal with R&F
Ray proposes to Enzo atop the Charles Bridge in Prague
surprise marriage proposal Charles Bridge Prague
sexy & hot Indian couple - the night she said yes!
A sunrise marriage proposal overlooking Prague
Dancing as the violinist plays on the day she said YES
SM surprise marriage proposal Prague Old Town Square
finding a love letter I Prague marriage proposal
kissing at Prague Venice - marriage proposal
cuddling at the Kampa steps - Prague marriage proposal
C+M surprise marriage proposal photos from Prague
Riverside marriage proposal Prague Lidia & Hiram 1
J+P surprise marriage proposal photo from Prague
P&J watch a storm above Prague after agreeing to marry
Prague marriage proposal: a ring and a twirl
The happily engaged Prague engagement night photo
She said Yes! Celebrating their love above Prague!
winter marriage proposal - placing the ring
woman in red dancing under gas lamps Charles Bridge
Prague Charles Bridge famous engagement photo
a sexy sunrise marriage proposal Prague Charles Bridge
Carrying his girlfriend across the Charles Bridge
She said YES Prague Marriage proposal
Vrtba Garden surprise marriage proposal
A super moon illuminates lovers on the Charles Bridge
Surprise marriage proposal Charles Bridge Violinist
Vrtba Garden surprise marriage proposal Prague
M&S walking through Charles Bridge twilight hour
Making a wish on the Charles Bridge Engagement photo
feeling the sun's warmth Old Town Square
The musicians await with vase of roses and love letter
finding roses and a love letter with her name on it
She said yes! Prague riverside marriage proposal
L&L moments after she said yes to his marriage proposal
C&M surprise marriage proposal Charles Bridge
Carrying his fiancee on the day she said Yes in Prague
 Riverside marriage proposal Prague Lidia & Hiram 4
The surprise marriage proposal in Prague P+J in photos
She said yes! Pereen & Jay marriage proposal in Prague
Prague marriage proposal: she said yes!
A Charles Bridge marriage proposal in Prague
pre wedding photos Prague dancing near Charles Bridge
A kiss for the ladies hand under the stars above Prague
N&J marriage proposal overlooking Prague
winter marriage proposal in Prague
The happy newly engaged XMas Market Prague Old Town
The kiss Charles Bridge romantic proposal
Old Town Square Prague Engagement Photos
Ring bling of the happily engaged

Marriage Proposal Photos from Prague!

Looking for marriage proposal inspiration and ideas from Prague?

we have captured everything from the very simple to the

over the top made for tv night time proposals!

Wishing to surprise your partner with a surprise marriage proposal in Prague? Looking for inspiration on how real couples in Prague have proposed? Look no further than Kurt Vinion Photography.

We have not only photographed many beautiful marriage proposals but have also created & art directed truly unforgettable sessions such as: a pre sunrise marriage proposal on the Charles Bridge with a violinist and a cellist, to lavish arrangements with a 6 piece orchestra at a venue overlooking Prague to small intimate proposals near the riverside. In short, we do not just the photography but are a wonderful asset in assisting you in creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Our team can provide you with not only our recommendations on where, but also assist in all of the extra details such as: musicians, florists, balloons, fireworks, champagne and whatever else your heart desires. In addition we can offer you the services of local videographers who can capture this unique moment as well as create a small music video of your portrait session afterwards.

For more information just send us an email or use the contact form on our website.

Special Pricing for 2021! Book now and save!

The Gold Collection 300 EUR

- up to 90 minutes of photography

- 1-2 locations

- editing / post processing of files approximately 4 hours included

- 10 Selects (edited files chosen by you from our online private gallery)

- professional retouching of close up portraits provided gratis

- a copy of all proof images with studio name in 1650 pixels provided

- free personal consultation (online or in person) prior to your session

- print credit of 50 EUR* off our products (Wall Art or Albums)

Possible Locations:

The Charles Bridge with views towards the castle and the red-roofed buildings of Prague it is a visual feast with its historic statues and views all around.

The Old Town - with its old world charms and unique architecture the Old Town Square is a favorite for many. Explore the small winding streets as it leads you to the Astronomical Clock and one of Europe's most visually stunning squares. We highly recommend a sunrise or near sunrise start time to experience the changing light and uniqueness of this beautiful area.

Prague Castle - with its impressive architecture you can spend hours sightseeing the unique gardens and especially the views. For adventurous couples we highly recommend a sunrise start overlooking the city as the sunlight breaks above the horizon and then a walk through the courtyards or if you desire a walk down to the Charles Bridge. Either way this makes for an unforgettable experience.

Jewish Prague - unique architecture and winding narrow streets makes this a wonderful tour for couples who wish to experience one of the last intact pre war Jewish districts in Europe.

Not sure what is best? No worries, we would be happy to discuss with you to build your itinerary.

The Gold Collection 500 EUR - daylight hours only *+**

Beautiful & creative portraits for gorgeous couples captured during the daylight hours package contents:

- up to 3hours of photography with Kurt - up to 3 locations (time allowing) - editing / post processing of files approximately 4 hours included

- 30 Selects (edited files chosen by you from our online private gallery)

- professional retouching of close up portraits provided gratis

- a copy of all proof images with studio name in 1650 pixels provided

- free personal consultation (online or in person) prior to your session

- print credit of 50 EUR* off our products (Wall Art or Albums)

additional services

*- for those wishing to have a sunrise session (30 minutes prior to sunrise) please add 100 EUR to cover the early start time and includes the lighting techs time

**- for those wishing to add night time portraits please add 150 EUR for the 90 minute prior to sunset start time - this also includes the lighting techs time

- garden and or castle entry fees are paid by the client

- musicians such as a violinist or a 3 piece can be ordered for additional fees

- videographers can be ordered to create either a reportage or a stylish music video

- marriage proposal Art Director - wishing to create a more stylized experience? We have your covered. Our experienced staff members can handle everything from balloons, candles, photo montages, banners, champagne, rental boats and yes fireworks and musicians

- extra High Resolution Selects can be ordered for 35 EUR per

- a special gift box containing your selected photos printed in your choice of 5x7" or 8x10" can be ordered

- special fine art albums or photobooks can also be ordered. To get an idea of our offerings please visit our Album Collection page

- special art pieces can be created - such as removal of all people on the Charles Bridge so that it is just you and your loved one.

- extra time – each 30 minute increment is 150 EUR and can be ordered on the day of

Prague marriage proposal pricing

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