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personal artwork: tre gondole, Venezia, Italia, 2015

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My most prized possession? A faded photo captured in 1941 of a young, smartly dressed couple walking down a busy city street in America. It was taken on the very weekend my grandparents eloped. The photographer unknowingly captured a pivotal moment in their lives - one that shaped many others and especially mine.

When I see this imaTed & Mary Liz photoge, it always takes me back to a simpler time; such as those long carefree summers in the car exploring the US, or those many cherished moments I was lucky to have with them. This photo is a part of my family's legacy, one that I will be pass down to my children.


Born in the US, educated in the US and Germany, my family is a mixture of German, French, Italian, Welsh and even Cherokee Indian. As a military dependent, or 'brat' as we are proud to call ourselves - I have lived all over the US and in various places in Germany.

Professionally I have worked as a photographer my entire life. First, as a Director of Photography at the University of Louisville Athletic Department. After being offered a job in Europe as a photojournalists I left the US to purse my first love: reportage. I traveled the world capturing incredible stories of heartbreak and the human condition. I have experienced everything from: Afghan refugee camps, historic underground passages of Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock, two nuclear submarines, exploring hidden temples in jungles, and photographing famous and normal people from all walks of life.

It has been an incredible journey. Yet all of these experiences have grounded me in the importance of connecting with people and trying to understand their plight.

My professional photography as a photojournalist

I have worked as a photojournalist with The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Mother Jones, Spectrum Pictures and countless magazines worldwide. I have covered assignments in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, Belarus, Russia and many countries in Europe.

Additionally I spent 3-years photographing celebrities in Berlin for Getty Images and Wire Images before tiring of the industry. Later I returned to Prague as the Photo Editor of The Prague Post before embarking on my own business as a photographer.

Kurt Vinion (c) and Cary Hubbs (above him smiling)

The usual crazy scene capturing a session on the Charles Bridge and friends from around the world join in to crash our session. Plus the always smiling videographer Cary taking it all in standing behind me. (photo Stefan Raycanovski)


2 - 1st place awards in the Best of Photojournalism for Magazine Feature Picture Story and International News

a hand full of Czech Press Photo Awards

Wedding Photojournalists Association - Top 100 Artistic Guild Wedding Photographers

Sports Photographer of the Year

The best award:

being told by a lovely woman who runs an orphanage in Ukraine that American couples were traveling there to adopt children after they had seen my reportage on their plight. Knowing that my reportages gave some of these children a new chance at life is priceless. It is the highlight of my photojournalism career. I am still humbled by this and honestly, there is no award that can ever top that!

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