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Among my most treasured possessions stands a poignant relic: an aged black and white photograph, depicting a youthful couple leisurely strolling down a bustling American city street in 1941.

This captivating image unwittingly immortalizes the weekend when my grandparents embarked on their clandestine elopement, forever altering the course of their lives—and mine.

In an era overshadowed by the Great Depression, where young couples rarely challenged societal norms, this photograph emerged as their sole keepsake from that pivotal weekend.

t serves as a poignant reminder of a beautiful journey, marked by remarkable achievements whose echoes resonate through generations.

This moment captured in time evokes memories of two extraordinary individuals and the countless moments we shared, filled with warmth, joy, and boundless love.

Though seemingly unassuming, this humble image holds a significant place in our family's narrative—a legacy I am honored to pass on to my two children.

A bit about me...

In a world where photographers often pursue online acclaim and seek validation, I've chosen a different path. I eschew the pursuit of social media saturation and popularity, finding fulfillment in living, traveling, and capturing authentic moments we often overlook.

I prefer to work quietly behind the camera, capturing meaningful moments that speak for themselves. Of course, if you feel like you need a bit of guidance during your portrait session -- after all we all want to look our best -- no worries. I have you covered.

At the end of the day, capturing clients' precious moments has been both an honor and a privilege.


Once upon a time...or my previous career...

Kurt Vinion's journey as a young photojournalist has taken him across continents, where he's skillfully captured the essence of diverse cultures and unforgettable moments from around the world. His work has been featured in prestigious publications including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Mother Jones, and numerous other internationally renowned publications.

Driven by a passion for adventure and storytelling through his lens, Kurt has embarked on assignments that have led him to some of the world's most fascinating, albeit sometimes heart-wrenching, corners.

Nowadays, Kurt resides in Prague with his partner and three rescued, yet very charming, Cockatiels, who adds a touch of whimsy to his already bustling life.

Kurt Vinion (c) and Cary Hubbs (above him smiling)

The usual crazy scene capturing a session on the Charles Bridge and friends from around the world join in to crash our session. After all, doesn't everybody want a gorgeous photo of a sexy couple they have never met?

Plus the always smiling videographer Cary taking it all in standing behind me. (photo Stefan Raycanovski)


1st Place Award, Best of Photojournalism, Magazine Feature Picture Story

1st Place Award, Best of Photojournalism, International News

Czech Press Photo - various awards

WPJA World's Top 100 Artistic Guild Photographer

KNPA Sports Photographer of the Year

Hearst Journalism Award

The Best Award:

Being told by a woman who runs an orphanage in Ukraine that American couples were traveling there to adopt children after they had seen my reportage on their plight. Knowing that my reportages gave some of these children a new chance at life is priceless. It is the highlight of my photojournalism career. No award can beat that!

New York City - Angel Orensanz Gallery

Prague - Václav Špála Gallery (group show)

Prague - Manes Exhibition Hall (group show)

Louisville - various

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