wedded couple walking in Prague's little Venice

wedded couple walking in Prague's little Venice

When Tiffany contacted me she was not a happy lady. She already had a pre-wedding session and instead of capturing natural styled images that captured her and her fiancee Kiu’s personality the photographer instead posed them with a series of boring portraits. As Tiffany stated, ‘we deserve better than this‘ and then asked if I could do better.

To be honest, I was a bit worried as they were already feeling crushed by their bad experience and truth be told – there are some people you really can not make happy… After spending time listening to her and discussing what was important to them, their backgrounds, their styles and their previous experience here, I decided to give them a try. Sometimes you really do pay for what you get here in Prague…

Experiencing the magical atmosphere of Prague Castle in the very early am before the city awakes is something I will never tire of. The history, the grandeur, the peaceful oasis of calm it offers is truly worth experiencing. By starting their session up there and before sunrise I felt it was a laid back way to get them comfortable again in front of the camera. Yes, there was some posing involved – as you must direct a bit, but the look and feel of those images were what she really wanted.

After our portraits at the castle we headed to the Charles Bridge where the light was starting to break across the City of 100 spires. Sometimes you just get lucky and the flaring imagery was something I wanted to work more with. Tiffany being a West Coast girl – knew exactly what I was going for and was all smiles when I showed her some of those stunning flare shots.

As we were on the Charles Bridge I pointed to them the playground down below and the look in her eyes was all I needed. It was truly magical.

When we hit our 4th hour it was time to say our goodbyes but before we left I showed them a few more images on the back of the camera and then I asked Tiffany what she thought about her session and she responded with a huge smile: ‘everything is awesome!’

Walking in Prague's Little Venice during the Golden Light Hour

to view their blog entry on this gorgeous pre sunrise & sunrise session please click this link.

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