for adventurous couples wishing to have a very special photo experience - featuring natural styled and art directed portraits

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A romantic sunrise engagement photo session in Prague
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Breathtaking sunrise wedding photos from Prague
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Spinning his bride in the Old Town Square of Prague
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This collection contain natural light as well as strobed portraits. Also showcased are various styles of photography such as pre weddings, engagements & post wedding portraits.

Artistic, Intimate & Beautiful Sunrise Photography!

Gifting your loved one with a sunrise portrait session in Prague is a unique experience few are lucky to have. The warmth of the rising sun casting its golden rays above the fabled 'city of 100 Spires' is unforgettable. For couples who chose this special time - the results are priceless!

Special Mini Photo Packages for adventurous couples visiting Prague!

The Gold Collection 300 EUR

- up to 60 minutes of photography

- 1-2 locations

- editing / post processing of files approximately 4 hours included

- 10 Selects (edited files chosen by you from our online private gallery) created in A4

- professional retouching of close up portraits provided gratis

- a copy of all proof images with studio name in 1650 pixels provided

- free personal consultation (online or in person) prior to your session

The Gold Collection 500 EUR - daylight hours only *+**

Beautiful & creative portraits for gorgeous couples captured during the daylight hours package contents:

- up to 2 hours of photography with Kurt - up to 3 locations (time allowing) - editing / post processing of files approximately 4 hours included

- 20 Selects (edited files chosen by you from our online private gallery) created in A4

- professional retouching of close up portraits provided gratis

- a copy of all proof images with studio name in 1650 pixels provided

- free personal consultation (online or in person) prior to your session

Possible Locations:

The Charles Bridge with views towards the castle and the red-roofed buildings of Prague it is a visual feast with its historic statues and views all around.

The Old Town - with its old world charms and unique architecture the Old Town Square is a favorite for many. Explore the small winding streets as it leads you to the Astronomical Clock and one of Europe's most visually stunning squares. We highly recommend a sunrise or near sunrise start time to experience the changing light and uniqueness of this beautiful area.

Prague Castle - with its impressive architecture you can spend hours sightseeing the unique gardens and especially the views. For adventurous couples we highly recommend a sunrise start overlooking the city as the sunlight breaks above the horizon and then a walk through the courtyards or if you desire a walk down to the Charles Bridge. Either way this makes for an unforgettable experience.

Jewish Prague - unique architecture and winding narrow streets makes this a wonderful tour for couples who wish to experience one of the last intact pre war Jewish districts in Europe.

Not sure what is best? No worries, we would be happy to discuss with you to build your itinerary.

additional services

*- for those wishing to have a sunrise session (30 minutes prior to sunrise) please add 100 EUR to cover the early start time and includes the lighting techs time

**- for those wishing to add night time portraits please add 150 EUR for the 90 minute prior to sunset start time - this also includes the lighting techs time.

- hair & makeup artist preparation 160 - 200 EUR

- transportation 100 - 125 EUR - includes hotel pick up, transport to locations, transfer back to hotel

- garden and or castle entry fees are paid by the client

- extra High Resolution Selects can be ordered for 35 EUR per

- a special gift box containing your selected photos printed in your choice of 5x7" or 8x10" can be ordered

- special fine art albums or photobooks can also be ordered. To get an idea of our offerings please visit our Album Collection page

- special art pieces can be created - such as removal of all people on the Charles Bridge so that it is just you and your loved one.

- extra time – each 30 minute increment is 150 EUR and can be ordered on the day of

The Sunrise Collection 1400 EUR

not suitable for locations outside of Prague

Gorgeous portraits from many of Prague’s iconic locations.

Session start time is 1 hour before sunrise.

for those wishing to add night time portraits (up to 90 minutes before sunrise) please add 150 EUR for the early start time

Starting locations can be: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle or the Secret Garden overlooking Prague.

Package contents:

- up to 5 hours of photography with Kurt and his professional lighting technician

- up to 6 locations selected by you (time allowing)

- hair & makeup preparation included in package price

- editing / post processing of all files (6-9 hours) included in package price

- 50 Selects (edited files chosen by you) will be retouched to our very high standard

in Capture One Pro the highest standard in photo editing software

- all files provided without studio watermarking

- professional retouching of close up portraits provided gratis

- a minimum file size of 5000 pixels ensures large format printing

- a minimum of 200 edited & color corrected high res files from your session will be provided upon without studio name

- password protected online proofing gallery to review and choose your Selects

- all images prepared (1650 pixels) for online viewing and social media sharing with studio name

- free personal consultation (online or in person)


additional services - optional

- van transportation (180-200 EUR) includes pick up at hotel, on session locations and transfer back to hotel

- order a DreamBook with this package and receive a 1000 CZK discount

- order a RedLeafPhoto Book with this package and receive a 500 CZK discount

- garden and or castle entry fees are covered by the client

- hair & makeup trials can be ordered at cost

- if you wish to pause the session for an outfit change we can do so for a fee of 100 EUR per 2 hour increments to cover the staff waiting time




Beautiful breathtaking vistas, the unbelievable hues of the sky as the sun rises and the Golden Light hour where the warmth of the flaring sun combine to create a unique experience that few are able to have. These sunrise sessions are perfect for couple who demand the very best from their engagements, post weddings, pre wedding, anniversary - or couples desiring truly beautiful and unique images. There are less people around and the light is at its most beautiful. The bonus, for couples who wish to have romantic night time imagery we can start your session earlier to capture those truly unique and beautiful motifs.


Some couples love being photographed, however many couples do not. I often ear couples say that they are not models and are concerned about looking their best. Or my favorite: Kurt we have never been photographed professionally before and we do not know how to pose... Truth be told, I can relate to this uneasiness about being photographed. This is why I will work with couples to allay their fees and show them what works best. Usually after a few sample images - everyone relaxes and then the real magic begins. For our wonderful couples from Asia, no worries I can create a set of images in any style you wish to have.


For the best experience we suggest a pre sunrise session. The usual start time is 60 minutes before sunrise to capture the twilight hour and then the sunrise and then we can progress towards the Golden Light Hour. For couples who wish to have a few night time portraits the best time to start is 90 minutes before sunrise.

As the pace is set by you the number of locations are dependent on how you two feel and naturally how many hours you ordered.

The typical Prague locations are: the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square (with the Astronomical Clock) and then a return to the Charles Bridge as the light is completely different at that time. Time allowing you can also visit the riverside (a favorite of many) a local garden as well as Prague Castle if you have a longer session.

For our truly adventurous couples who want something a bit more special, we can also offer a pre sunrise session from several incredible locations overlooking the city. Typically these sessions start 90 minutes before sunrise to capture some art directed night time portraits featuring those famous gas lamps and the empty streets.

Sessions durations are anywhere from our special 1 hour session, to the usual 6 and for our pre-weddings upwards to 8 hours.


Usually within 2-3 weeks we will have an online gallery created where you can review and select your images. Upon receiving your list of Selects we may do additional artistic enhancing and retouching to create a more creative & polished look. This may mean removing people, distractions (our lighting gear and assistants at times), adjusting or recreating those dramatic skies - again this is done at our discretion. Please note we do not do body modification and especially for free. If you wish to have body modification work done to your images a price will be agreed upon in advance of the work as it is time consuming. We do offer a 100% satisfaction with this level of additional retouching. For those couples who are wishing to have truly dramatic art work such as removal of all the people on the Charles Bridge or sky replacement or special art works created on requests we can provide you with a quote on the extra time required to create your artwork.

After images are finalized we can either send you a studio flash drive or for those couples who can not wait: we can send them via Drop Box. Included is a copyright transfer allowing you to print your files as you see fit.


We use Capture One 20 running dual 5K resolution monitors across all work stations. Spyder X for color calibration ensures our files are created and printed correctly.


For small sessions I typically need 2-3 weeks to edit your session as well as create the look and style that I envision for you. For our couples who need express service we can provide this for an additional fee based on the timeline. Please contact our team member for the rate and availability.


As I am more interested in creating quality images there really is no magic number for the amount of files created. I am however more keen on capturing real moments and so there are differences in the amount captured for each couple. For some couples who are very outgoing this may mean up to 50 images per hour, while others who need a bit of directed it can be roughly 30.


Sorry, I only capture and create photos. If you wish to have a reportage video captured of your session we can get you in contact with several very talented English speaking crews. If you wish to have both an art directed and posed session (very popular here) with yours truly as well as a full video crew you will need to double the amount of time for your session to allow both crews to get what they need. We can recommend both types of videographers.


I can offer several tiers of products and based on your geographical location:

1. Fine Art Prints of your chosen images delivered to your homes ready for hanging

2. A Fine Art Album featuring your session

3. High Res Files of your selects and the entire collection

Or you can opt for a combination

Prices and options are provided upon request

More questions? No worries, we have answers.


You can chose the locations or we can simply create a route that takes in the most beautiful locations in the time allotted with your input in mind. As Prague is very busy with tourists I am also very happy to show you locations that only those of us who have been living here for a long time know. These locations are also quite beautiful and are close enough for us to maximize the amount of locations visited.


Prague is such a small and compact city that you actually see and experience more as opposed to sitting in traffic or the more problematic issue in the historic centre - parking in zoned areas. As such we do not recommend having a car. This is especially true for the small sunrise sessions as it is not feasible to be driven from the Charles Bridge to the Old Town and back in a reasonable amount of time. It is actually faster to walk this route. However, for couples who wish we can arrange transportation.


If you wish to visit one of Prague's paid gardens they are usually closed on Monday’s. Many gardens do not open until 10 am.


As the summer months are always in demand it is best to book your session as much in advance as possible. A signed contract and a retainer to ensure your date with us is required.


For those couples wishing to have a dreamy winter themed session – the best months are December – February. Though we can not guarantee the weather. Be warned that though these sessions are quite beautiful, the cold weather does slow us down considerably.


Dark clothes are always a bad idea especially for the night time shooting. Loud patterns are also not a good idea as they distract. As fashion is truly subjective it is up to you. For our ladies wearing high heel shoes in Prague can also be quite demanding so please keep that in mind as the cobblestones of the Charles Bridge have happily eaten up a Manolo Blahniks and lesser priced shoes. It is best to take a comfortable pair of walking shoes. For couples who are to wear their wedding gowns we also recommend having a bag to carry your high heels as it is uncomfortable walking on the cobblestones.


I not only work with certified hair & makeup artists who speak English fluently, but those who are wonderful people who care about their clients needs.

Eliska -

Linda -

Mili -

How does it work with the hair & makeup artists? Once you have finalized your date, you should contact them to discuss your hair & makeup needs. Photos of your outfits, your chosen hair styles are always helpful to provide them with valuable insights in to your styles and wishes. For those ladies who have skin issues, please mention this to your hair & makeup artist before you meet up so that you have the right makeup for your session.

Having beautiful, flawless images is key to a successful session. As such we believe that having a full-time hair & makeup artist attend to your needs during the entire session is important - though not a necessity. I

At the end of the day, the only thing you will have left are your photos. This is why we encourage our couples to invest a little bit more for peace of mind - after all you deserve the best!

Please note for our pre wedding packages where the hair & makeup artists is included in the package - they may have already been selected as part of your package due to their availability.


Personalizing your session to your needs is something we recommend and encourage. For some of our couples creating a unique and special motif (upon request) can be arranged with certain props and themes. As such we may be able to provide you with candles, lamps, champagne flutes, champagne, parasols and etc. Generally speaking we always encourage our clients to personalize their portrait session to their taste and style – after all it is your session. If you wish to discuss options more in details please speak with our team member with your ideas.


Do you wish to have a beautiful bouquet, or perhaps a string quartet or a more editorialized styled session complete with champagne, candles and etc? Or you are one of those young hip couples who prefers smoke bombs and lots of champagne? No worries we can recommend talented and creative vendors as well as personal assistants who can assist in any way.


Where to stay to ensure a stress free session? Ideally you will wish to stay in Mala Strana (and very close to the Charles Bridge) as you will appreciate being able to travel to and from the Charles Bridge on the morning of your sunrise session without losing valuable time traveling to our designated location.


Boat rentals, horse and carriage rides, as well as Old Timers (vintage cars) rentals, are always billed at cost. Many gardens do charge ‘wedding photography’ or ‘commercial photography’ admittance fees. Fees are anywhere from 20 - 40 EUR. Please note that Churches in Prague are no longer allowing interior shooting. Special interior locations such as Chateau’s and castles can be arranged but again any fees must be covered by the clients. Typically shooting on the castle grounds is free but interior shooting is an extra fee.


Due to the high costs of the staff and the likelihood of us being booked the next day or possibly flying out the next day, as a rule we can not pause or post pone the session for bad weather. However if the weather is such an issue we may pause the session (at our discretion) but additional fees for the crews time must be agreed to. Or we may create more artistic images or simply take use of some of Prague's most interesting interior spaces.


We require a signed contract and a 50% retainer to guarantee your date with us. The remaining fee(s) are due on the day of our before the session starts. As we are a registered and licensed business we must issue you an official receipt (after completion of all of the services.


Complimentary consultation prior to your session. Due to the high volume that we experience at certain times and or our travel needs, a complimentary consultation may not be possible. In this case, we can and will arrange a Skype chat (or WhatsAp) to discuss everything online before your session. As our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your time and not be stressed over the details, our staff (Martina & Dorota) will ensure that everything is arranged in advance before your arrival.


Creating flawless, beautiful images is my priority. Having the right people who can handle any lighting situation and weather changes is extremely important. This is why I work with lighting technicians. If you desire a more creative night time session before the sunrise feel free to let us know so that we can discuss the best package, locations and styles.


As we believe in the more personalized approach, when it comes to designing and creating your book we feel that you should chose the images. Based on your suggestions we will create the first layout and send it to you for review. If you wish to substitute other images and or change the page locations you can as you will have up to 3 free revisions before additional fees will incur for our designers time.


Depending on where your prints will be shipped to we work with labs in different geographical locations. Shipping and handling costs are borne by the client.

Ready to have the best in pre wedding photography in Prague (or elsewhere) created especially for you and about you?

Send us an email via our Contact page and we will get right back with you!

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