castle guards stand watch as bride & groom kiss

castle guards stand watch as bride & groom kiss

This simple portrait of a couple kissing at night near the guard shack was captured in 2008, the year I quit photojournalism to focus on capturing couples in love. It has always been one of my favorite images. The flash going off behind the couple creating the rim light has become very popular nowadays as the technology makes these kinds of images quite easy to achieve now. Though it is quite dated as a photo (and the style) it remains one of my favorites due to the warmth and happiness of the couple in it.

Coco & Leung dreamed of one day visiting Prague and marrying here. And they were one of the first couples who traveled over from Hong Kong to actually do it - even before it was fashionable.

Coco rocked her wedding day (and pre wedding) with a specially designed wedding dress that incorporated flowers in the seams. It was also cut in a very stylish way to showcase her gorgeous legs. Leung, well, he is the lucky guy who stole her heart had his own unique style and personality that really shone through. What I enjoyed about these two was just how much in love they are and how excited they were when I took them around to explore this historic city. Couples like Coco & Leung really made me feel like I made the right decision foregoing photojournalism.

Prague Castle Guards stand watch as a couple kiss

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Location: Hradcanske namesti 186/1, Prague 11800, Czech Republic.

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