Y&R Cinematic inspired night time pre-weddings Prague

Y&R Cinematic inspired night time pre-weddings Prague

An elegantly dressed couple with a black rose bouquet embrace as the night time ambiance of Prague's Charles Bridge fills their background.

Yvonne & Raymond traveled over from Hong Kong to have their pre-weddings portrait session captured in Prague. As is customary we visited all of Prague's most visually unique locations for photo session. What makes this session stand out from the many 100's I have captured is how gorgeous these two are as people and have fashionable their outfits were. It is not normal to see a beautiful bridal bouquet in the color of black but that is what she brought out in addition to her very stylish head dress and uniqe look.

This remains one of my favorite pre-weddings I have captured over the years as it encouraged me to create unique images as opposed to the old cliched images that were all of the norm at that time.

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