walking in Prague at twilight atop the Charles Bridge

walking in Prague at twilight atop the Charles Bridge

Many couples are eschewing the traditional boring / posed portrait sessions for ones that focuses on capturing real moments artistically and creatively. But there is a caveat; capturing real, heartfelt moments takes a bit more effort, dedication and attention to many factors: light, composition, color temperature, lens choice and etc just being some. The reality is very few can create and capture a session that feels and looks natural and is about the couples experience not the photographers ability to show off.

Regina & Peissu traveled over from the US for their pre wedding. Like many couples it is an obligatory rites of passage as they both will be completing their advanced degrees soon and tying ‘the knot.’ They knew the incredible architecture of Prague would provide a gorgeous background for their photos. They also were quite concerned about having a session that fits their styles, taste and personalities. In addition they were not exactly sure about the timeline and locations and what to do. So after a few rounds of emails and a video chat to discuss everything – in addition to our FAQ section of our website. We were able to put their fears to rest and focus on the session itself.

For those couples who brave the very early morning wake up call – the magical, quiet atmosphere of Prague devoid of tourists as the city slumbers is an experience few are lucky to have had. There really is nothing like strolling in silence underneath the gas lamps taking in the incredible sights of ‘the city of 100 spires’. As a photographer, creative type and yes, a very proud citizen who lives here, sharing this historic city with new friends and clients from afar and near is something I still love – even if it means getting up at 4 am in the summer months…

Regina & Peissu were all smiles as they walked hand in hand under the deserted Tower on the Charles Bridge in the cool, crisp summer air as the sky began to lighten and the birds began to sing. Simply capturing allowing these two to walk around and study the statues, the views and just enjoy the atmosphere was all I needed. We spent about 20 minutes enjoying just that.

Though the sunrise was a bit flat at the beginning, the sun flaring over the spires of Tyn Church in the Old Town Square was a sight that left all of us speechless. The rising mist created an ethereal, visual feast and the normally bustling square seemingly stood still in time. It was too good to pass this atmosphere up so we stayed put to soak it all in. And then as the sun lifted the temperatures further we laughed as these two chased after each other in the Old Town Square. And yes, we simply had to have a few art directed portraits to create those drama filled images that couples love to have but are too shy to ask for.

Nearby the Astronomical Clock had it’s usual queue of wedding couples lining up to be posed underneath. It is always a laugh to see so many couples and to see the same kind of photos. We also captured a few portraits as well including images of Regina & Peissu sauntering under its historic facade. Funny enough the Astronomical clock images did not make the final cut of their favorite 60 images. But the pictures of them walking hand in hand underneath it are also some of my faves (nothing like having a 14 mm lens to really capture that scene).

As our goal was to explore more of this enchanted city and not spend too much time at the usual tourists traps we headed towards the riverside where the Rudolfinum Concert House was awaiting our arrival. The sun flared its warmth all around as we enjoyed playing on it’s historic grounds.

Truth be told, Prague offers many wonderful locations, but few locations offer an unobstructed and very peaceful view overlooking the city and Prague Castle. With the right light and of course the best time of day this is a place I highly recommend. Though the walk can be a bit of work the reward speaks for itself.

It was worth it to simply sit down, take it all in, breathe and reflect on where they are and where they are going in life.

They say pictures are worth a 1000 words. I totally agree with that assessment. Pictures should not just show you hot things look but more importantly how it felt at that special moment in time. I like to think that these pictures captured that feeling and for them – that is priceless.

Regina & Peissu walking across the Charles Bridge under the gas lamps at Twilight!

Clients Testimonials:

Our pre-wedding photo session with Kurt was an amazing experience! Prior to our photo session, Kurt both videochat and met us in person to personalize our session. During the session, Kurt and his assistant made it super fun and low-stress, so it’s very easy to have lots of natural photos. Kurt also knows all the best and hidden places in Praha so it’s like going on a private tour with him. The photos that came out are mind-blowing. I highly recommend Kurt as anyone’s photographer as he’s such a nice person, fun guy to talk to, an amazing photographer and a photographer who cares 🙂

A special thanks to Linda for doing a fantastic job on the hair & makeup and of course a Big Thank You to the best lighting assistant Stefan!

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