pre-wedding bridal portrait

pre-wedding bridal portrait

Sharon wanted some quite unique for her pre-wedding in Prague. She knew the city, knew the locations and especially did not want the boring pre wedding photos that are so common. What she wanted was something with a bit more art & flair. She also planned her session during the most beautiful time of the year - Autumn. There is something quite beautiful about the quality of the soft light, the rich colors as the leaves change colors and the short days.

Her fiancee Danny was quite unfamiliar with Prague and as such everywhere they traveled he was always smiling. Perhaps it was because he was marriyng such a smart and inteligent lady, or perhaps he simply was having the time of his life during their photo session. The truth of the matter is these sessions are a celebration of two people coming together and making a promise to spend their lives together - for better or worse.

This is a very simple portrait of a beautiful young woman who is embarking on a new chapter in her life. It is not a 'portfolio piece' or an image that is about the photographers skills - it is about Sharon. The confidence and joy she radiates is what makes this photo so special.

pre-wedding bridal portrait of Sharon captured in Prague

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