W+N hot & sexy anniversary photo session in Prague

W+N hot & sexy anniversary photo session in Prague

W+N hot & sexy anniversary photo session in Prague

Wendy & Nick are two of the coolest people you could ever have met. I first met them 10-years ago when I started photographing weddings in Prague and we had a blast on their wedding day. It was one of those dream weddings we photographers love capturing: a small elopement wedding at the Vrtba Garden / Vrtbovska Zahrada and then we captured them exploring Prague and caught one of my most favorite wedding portraits - the two of them embracing near the Charles Bridge moments after sunset. To this day that particular photo still pops up on other 'professional wedding photographers' websites. When they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in capturing them again for their anniversary I was completely stoked. Though we are all a bit older they are still two very fun, fantastic and very cool people. So on a warm summer day we spent time together creating a very stylish and unique set of anniversary portraits of these super cool and wonderful people. Their session will undoubtedly be featured later this year so keep an eye out for them.

And if you wish to see that picture that still appears on other photographers websites and is still one of my faves check it out down below.

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