walking hand in hand at sunrise Old Town Square Prague

walking hand in hand at sunrise Old Town Square Prague

Tiffany & Kiu called me up and asked if I could be available for a last minute portrait session. They already had one in Prague with a local photographer and felt that it was a disaster. As Tiffany stated, 'we simply deserve better.' Truth be told I did have a bit of a laugh at their expense as my first thought was: why hadn't they contacted me before? But the reality was - they went through an agency who promises much but then cuts corners by hiring inexpensive photographers. Though I was a bit stand offish, after hearing her ideas and what she wanted (and feeling quite bad for her as she is a really sweet lady) I agreed. But only if we can do it at sunrise. The next day we did just that - we headed out before sunrise to capture a very sweet people and in the way they wished to be captured. NO posing, no art directing - just quietly capturing what unfolded in a natural intimate way. This simple yet beautiful portrait of them walking hand in hand as the sun flares around them in a nearly deserted Old Town Square in Prague as they cast long shadows over the historic cobblestones is just one of many quiet moments from that morning. To be honest, I really enjoyed capturing these two as their session is the type I always enjoy - when a couple experience this beautiful city in their own way and not relying on the photographer to art direct or stage every photo to build a portfolio.

As Tiffany stated after seeing her collection of proofs and the session: everything is perfect!

Golden Hour portrait session in Prague with Tiffany & Kiu

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Location: StaromEstske nam. | Stare Mesto, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic.

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