G+A beautiful sunrise engagement session photos Prague

G+A beautiful sunrise engagement session photos Prague

Grace + Antonio were traveling through Europe - the typical backpacker thing and absolutely fell in love with Prague. Being that they are both living and studying in Spain to be doctors that is saying a lot as Spain is one of the most incredible places for architecture. As they did not have a big budget we created a very special pre-sunrise Engagement Session that allowed them to simply be photographed in their own way - the only caveat - no lighting crew, very little direction - just two people exploring and having their session in their own way.

On that wonderful morning I did ask them to show up a bit earlier than the expected sunrise time as I knew they would very much enjoy being photographed at the John Lennon Wall. The wall is normally lit with candles and it can be a wonderful place to meet before walking over to the Charles Bridge where we were to begin watching the sunrise.

As you can see it was one of those incredible sunrises that will forever be remembered.

Presented here is one of the most beautiful sunrises over the Charles Bridge and a very small intimate portrait session with two wonderful and very deserving people.

A candlelit John Lennon Wall Prague Engagement photo

A pre sunrise lifestyle session photographed at the John Lennon Wall in Prague

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