Sunrise in San Marco, Venice Italy

Sunrise in San Marco, Venice Italy

To truly capture the beauty, the historic ambiance, as well as the incredible romance of the Venice one must begin their day quite early, even before this historic city wakes up. As Daisy & Louis wanted to have a more intimate experience without the many tourists – it was agreed that a pre sunrise start made more sense. Truth is, walking around these beautiful, historic canals where the only noises are the birds above and the humming of boat engines in the distance as we explored it was a truly surreal and awesome experience and I knew that these two would especially appreciate this as well.

After meeting up in San Marco and walking around – we had the entire place to ourselves except two very weary Irish backpackers. A few moments later that incredible, early golden sun light started finding its way through the canals illuminating the historic walls and reflecting off the water providing us with a very colorful and warmth start to our day. It is hard to put into words just how incredible those quiet moments were and how intimate it was. Though we decided on a very short session (roughly 4-5 hours) it was decided that one final surprise was to be had – a Gondola ride for Daisy. Though by this time (10 am) the city was completely awake and the mass of tourist had already overtook the streets, wading through the canals was still an incredible experience one that should not be passed up when visiting here.

Truth is, we had such an incredible portrait session with Daisy & Louis in Prague and as such these two knew that they were in good hands when it came to simply let them enjoy their day and on their terms – one where capturing a more natural and honest story of their time in Venice was more important than being posed or being camera aware...I have always loved Venice ever since my first visit many years ago, sharing it with wonderful people like Daisy & Louis as a photographer one where I can capture their experiences and real moments is truly a gift that I will never tire of.

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Bride & Groom walking through San Marco at sunrise, Venice, Italy

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