Chateau Stirin Wedding Photographer

When I first started out as a wedding photographer in Prague in 2008, one of the wedding planners was very keen on working at the Chateau Stirin. The grounds are ideal for couples wanting a private, yet not too expensive locale for their destination wedding. The 18th Century Chateau also boasts a small park as well as a small lake and some wonderful folliage.

One of the first truly international weddings I ever captued was that of Neera & Anke who both live in Holland. Their wedding day was a fustion of Indian and European traditions. What makes their wedding especially so unforgettable - besides the wonderful bridge & groom - was the all night party that took place afterwards with a very Bollywood vibe at the uniquely designed Restaurant Atis.

Located a short distance from Prague - the Chateau Stirin is a lovely place for those who are looking for some privacy without overspending for it.

tearful Indian bride caressed by her mother

Neera & Anka - Chateau Stirin wedding day