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Boho styled love story Zlata & Pavel at sunset
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 Zlata & Pavel
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Boho styled love story at sunset
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Pavel & Zlata - Boho styled love story
Boho styled love story Zlata & Pavel
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A Boho styled love story in Prague

An intimate & sensual Boho styled Love Story Photo Session

Zlata had heard about Pavel from friends who felt that they should meet up. Fans of social media and both having their own presence – they had already spied each other from afar. Then one day Pavel sent Zlata a message, telling her how beautiful her eyes are and how he would really like to meet up with her. To get to know her and to find out who the mystery is behind those eyes.

The night they met it was like reuniting two lost friends. As Zlata recalls she even jumped into his arms as ‘it just felt so right‘. Several years have passed since that fateful evening where their worlds changed. Though life has been at times difficult – they are still very much in love.

It was to be a small portrait session at sunset – more akin to a boho styled golden light session. Nothing fancy, just two people enjoying a rare moment of freedom unencumbered by life’s distractions – especially this unforgettable year. Yet that night became something more profound: a night where two people were able to hold each other tight as the sun’s warmth engulfed them.

A night where they can simply stop, hold each other tight and caress each other. And for one special moment all of their worries disappeared. They will never forget that night where they were able to reconnect again. Thanks to these beautiful mementos they can relive it over and over again.

A big thank you to one of my favorite hair & makeup artists Linda Chudmilova who always impresses me with her professionalism and care for her clients and her work. A big thank you to the wonderful florists at who created a truly unique boho styled hair piece and bouquet that beautifully suited this wonderful couple.

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