Tommy is an international award-winning art director and cinematographer whose specialty is incredibly scenic and action-oriented commercials. Janie is his beautiful muse who often accompanies him on these high-caliber and unforgettable shoots. For these French-Canadians traveling to Prague for a very special pre-sunrise pre-wedding that showcased the best of this city and of course, the stunning Vrtba Garden was a dream come true. But the best part, waking up the following morning and having a private wedding ceremony next to the Vltava as the sun broke above the historic skyline.

"Wow, what a great shooting session :) Well done Kurt, bravo, and your assistant Stephan. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot with you and a lot of fun also choosing the photos. Thank you very much :) Your photos are wonderful !!!

Janie loves them too and we know our guests will go crazy when they see our pictures heheheh !!"

Hair & Makuep: Linda Chudmilova

Lighting Assistant: Stefan Raycanowski

Locations: Riverside, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle (St. Vitus), Vrtba Garden, and Mala Strana