Gothic couple in the rain on the Charles Bridge
Gothic Bride & Groom Portraits at Night on Charles Bridge
Gothic-inspired anniversary photo of couple atop Charles Bridge
Gothic-dressed couple dancing atop Charles Bridge in the rain at night
Gothic portraits in the rain in Prague
Atop the Charles Bridge - Gothic Anniversary Photos
Prague Night Time Gothic Inspired Charles Bridge Photo
Gothic Bride wearing black dress Charles Bridge Prague
Gothic Bride & Groom atop Charles Bridge at night in the rain
Couple Dressed in Black atop Charles Bridge at night
Gothic-inspired couple shoots atop the Charles Bridge at night

Brittnie & Andres hail from the United States where Andres is also a professional photographer. When these two contacted me about their 10th-anniversary session and specified that they wanted a 'gothic wedding/formal photoshoot' and were hoping for some unique weather - I was game. Their session was in late November, a time when the city was devoid of tourists and always experiencing some unique weather such as fog, sleet, rain, and yes snow.

On the morning of, instead of fog, we had rain and lots of it. To be honest, when you have a wonderful couple who is game for something unique and do not mind getting wet - it is time to create unique images. Brittnie and Andres were game. Not only did we get the formal and posed images but a few of them dancing and cavorting around atop the historic bridge where we had it all to ourselves for a very brief moment in time.

A few words from our couple who went very big in their wall art to decorate their home back in Texas:

'These are stunning! - Thanks again, it was an amazing experience and they turned out even better than we could have hoped for!

A big shout out to my assistant Stefan for this session