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Meet Angie and Uriel, a sexy and fun couple from California who craved an adventure beyond the sun-soaked beaches of their hometown. Their hearts were set on Prague, a city of history, mystery, and romance.

Their story kicks off with a pre-sunrise exploration of Prague Castle. This choice promises them an exclusive encounter with the majestic Prague Castle, its ancient stones basked in the soft glow of dawn assisted with the gas lamps. The decision to capture stylish and sexy portraits amid the quietude of the castle sets the tone for a day full of surprises.

As the couple strolls through the empty streets, they discover the charm of Prague's awakening. The famous guard shacks stand sentinel, and the city slowly comes to life around them. Each step is a revelation, every corner a new chapter in their adventure.

Hand-in-hand, they embark on a journey through the heart of Prague as the city's enchanting beauty unfolds as they venture into narrow alleys and open squares. Each location holds a unique charm, from historic landmarks to cozy cafes. The couple shares quiet moments and steals kisses amidst the rich tapestry of Prague's architecture and history.

A montage of stylish and sexy portraits taken around the historic sites serves as a visual epilogue of their Prague journey - one that they will never forget!