A beautiful wedding proposal Prague Charles Bridge

A beautiful wedding proposal Prague Charles Bridge

The most beautiful & romantic marriage proposal photo captured on the Charles Bridge in Prague

It truly was the most beautiful and romantic marriage proposal you will ever see on the Charles Bridge in Prague. Gustav (whose family traces their roots from Czechoslovakia) sold Lauren on the idea of traveling to Prague from the United Staes for a vacation. While they were here they were to recreate a famous painting of a couple dancing atop the world famous Charles Bridge at night with several musicians . Gustav also had a very big surprise for Lauren, a truly stunning diamond engagement ring and during the photo session he was going to propose.

With that in mind, the musicians (the talented Viktorie & Pavel), the crew (lighting of course as you wish to have everything perfect – no cutting costs here) and of course the amazing location of the Charles Bridge at sunrise was organized on their behalf. The only thing we needed was perfect weather and luckily that was not a problem.

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words and with that in mind, I think I we simply let their photos speak for itself.

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