Sample cover material options for black star

Introducing our very popular - Black Star Album

The Black Star Album is distinguishable by its bold cover plates and standard, classic black leatherette interior. You can also choose color options ranging from bridal white to turquoise to our signature black. With seven sleek, engraved, black acrylic plate design choices the Black Star Album leaves an indelible impression on all who view it!

20 x 20 (8x8") books start out at 800 EUR*

30 x 30 (12x12") books start out at 1000 EUR*

Prices for the complete set (designer book, photo box (7 different color patterns to chose from) and USB are as follows:

20 x 20 (8x8") books start out at 900 EUR*

30 x 30 (12x12") books start out at 1200 EUR*

  • Hand-crafted in Europe
  • Canon DreamLabo 5000 4K quality
  • Ultra high-quality inkjet technology featuring a fortified 7-dye ink and 2400 DPI
  • This means smother gradations, the most faithful colors, and natural skin tones
  • Black and white prints look more natural thanks to the additional grey ink
  • Lay-flat binding allowing panoramic pictures across the pages
  • Base price includes 10 spreads (additional layouts can be ordered)
  • Your choice of three different Cover Substrates: Textile (26 different color options), Eco-Leather (22 different color options), and Duo (14 different color options)
  • With 2 different formats and up to 5 different cut-out window patterns.

*shipping and handling of products are not included in the price - overnight delivery may not be possible

Black Star line showing cover & photo cover optionsBlack Star line cover detailBlack Star Line photo cover option

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