Introducing the Artbook

It's unlike anything else - a soft, leather-wrap cover envelops pages of beautifully hand-torn, cotton rag fine art prints. The front page font is embossed in gold. A rustic leather strap closure winds around to finish the look. The Journal cover is unattached to the block of pages and available in select leathers.

Pages: Cotton Rag with deckled edges, Lay-flat, Max 25 spreads (50 pages)

Cotton Rag is rated not to fade in 100+ years and does not have any optical brighteners

310gsm lay-flat pages have the perfect thickness and tight crease

Deep blacks and vivid colors thanks to archival pigment inks

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Your Artbook is unique to you and so should the size and dimensions that you choose. I am often asked what is the best format? Square, Horizontal or Vertical? The truth is, it is entirely subjective. Though I love the simplicity and story telling ability of the horizontal oriented album, some couples like their designs to stand out - which could mean a square or a vertical. The truth is, after seeing the first draft couples will have a clearer idea of the flow and design and either they will love it - or we will recreate in a new format. Ultimately we want to create your book and in your way - a book that you will love and cherish. And yes, sometimes this means starting over to get it perfect!

Available sizes:

20x20cm, 25x25cm, 20x30 (H), 20x30cm (V) 30x30cm

8x8", 8x12" (V), 8x12" (H), 10x10", 12x12"

Artbook Size Illustration