L&J wedding day sunrise

L&J wedding day sunrise

Laura & John traveled over from the US to have their dream wedding in Prague. As these two were really wonderful & warm, I asked them a few days prior if they were interested in having a sunrise portrait session on their wedding day. Their smiles said it all. Though their wake up call was very early, they were simply blown away as they first experienced the quiet solitude of Prague Castle before sunrise. As we slowly made our way down the castle steps the fog began to break up a bit and as we arrived to the Charles Bridge the sky had a golden hue that lasted only a few moments. Though we captured some gorgeous portraits of these two embracing - this picture for me says it all. Their smiles as they soak up the unreal atmosphere where time seemingly stands still is one of my faves from that day.

If you are having an elopement wedding in Prague and do now wish to be surrounded by 1000's of people as you take in the sites - why not consider a sunrise or even a pre sunrise portrait session? For couples such as Laura & John, these kinds of moments will never be forgotten and will always be cherished.

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