timeless elegant bridal portraits Mirror Chapel Prague

timeless elegant bridal portraits Mirror Chapel Prague

Our latest couple from China, the very sweet Miranda & Sean dreamed of traveling to Europe and marrying in a church ceremony. They had seen images online of Prague and after researching it a bit more realized that their dream could come true.

Like many couples they wanted to have gorgeous portraits of themselves exploring the many famous sites of this City of 100 Spires. The cool summer morning was perfect for them as they explored and later sat on the Charles Bridge to watch an unforgettable sunrise.

Later in the morning after the portraits were done and the coffee and cake was finished it was time to get prepared - for their wedding.

The venue: the historic Mirror Chapel in the Klementinum. A sacred place for many and for these their wedding venue. As their beautiful ceremony began Miranda took Sean's hand to her face, smiled and kissed it. Tears nearly flowed as they were both overcome with the emotion of being in this historic place.

It was such a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony. And it was their ceremony. I had a few moments to capture a few bridal portraits of the beautiful bride before the start of their ceremony. This is one of the results. There were so many wonderful moments that I would love to show but for now this single image of a very proud, strong and determine bride will have to suffice.

Chinese bride posing at the Mirror Chapel during her Klementinum wedding

If you are interested in seeing one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Prague it is without a doubt Klementinum / Clementinum Mirror Chapel. This historic 16th Century building complex offers man surprises and architectural gems. One such gem is the Mirror Chapel. For couples who wish to marry here it is not exactly easy but for those who do it is an unforgettable experience. For our latest couple from China, marrying at the Klementinum was one of the many reasons why they travelled to Prague.

After they exchanged their vows and were beautifully serenaded by the piano player as they danced, the bride asked for a few bridal portraits. As she was quite stunning who was I to say no. Though we only had a few moments we created a gorgeous set to fulfill her wishes and this was one of her favorites.

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