Slovakian bride groom surrounded colorful bokehballs

Slovakian bride groom surrounded colorful bokehballs

As they would say it was ‘game over’ when Lucia - the beautiful bride from Slovakia first spied Cary, the man from LA. They met, immediately fell in love, traveled together, hiked, moved in together on the West Coast and then they decided to try Prague. Ever since then these two have been on a roll.

Cary was obviously totally smitten with Lucia, so instead of focusing on a very promising career in the US he wanted to give Lucia all of the support she needed for her career in Prague. Motivated, hard working and honest to a fault these two truly complement each other as a couple. When it came time to marry they had a dilemma. Where to do it? When you have family & friends from all around the world it is no easy feat to simply chose a place. Prague, where they live was an obvious choice. But as they really wanted to make their wedding more special for their family & friends they decided to do it in the Grand Tatras. The venue of choice looked something straight out the movie - Grand Budapest Hotel. Sitting beneath the Tatas, The Grand Hotel Praha with its indoor and outdoor spas, pools and of course the Grand did not disappoint, nor did the hospitality of the locals and staff who created a very intimate and party oriented atmosphere.

Their outdoor wedding happened on one of those bright and sunny days that made everything seem out of a movie. Nearly everything about their wedding was fantastic, warm, funny and emotional. The only thing was missing - creating some exceptional portraits of these two. After all, we had the Resorvoir Dobs motif for the guys and some very fun photos of the ladied, but for these two - something unique was called for. This is one of those images that resulted from that wonderful night, where two people shared in the love with their family & friends and had an unforgettable time experiencing it.

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Surrounded by bokeh balls during their night time wedding portrait

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