Leslie & Anthony - Sexy New Yorkers

Leslie & Anthony - Sexy New Yorkers

The smiling bride Leslie caresses the back of Anthony's head as she leans into his arms above the Vrtba Garden as the sun sets behind Prague Castle.

This is one of those couples whose wedding day always brings a smile to my face. First, they are clearly gorgeous, but they are also very sweet, adorable and just great people. They traveled over for what can only be described as a mini-wedding at the Old Town Hall with very close family members in attendance. Afterward, they explored, laughed, posed, kissed, hug and never stopped smiling. The happiness and energy they exuded wherever they went were so infectious that many people would smile very happily for them as they walked by. It was - beautiful. Much like these wonderful people. I have kept in touch with them over the years and their family has grown - an adorable little boy who will grow up and view these wonderful images of his parents on the happiest day of their lives. Well, until he was born...

Sexy New Yorkers wedding style in Prague

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Leslie & Anthony - New York City

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My husband and I got married 8 years ago in Prague, Czech Republic. We are from New York but decided to get married overseas. We weren’t sure what photographer we would get in a wedding package that we chose and we saw this one photographer's work that we liked so we chose Kurt Vinion. I have to say hands down this was the best choice we could have made. He captured our day like no other. I love how detailed and how technical he was with his photographer assistant. He was a professional throughout the entire shoot and he made you feel at home. Even felt personalized, someone that you can trust to see your vision or create a wonderful vision for you. My husband and I still receive compliments to this day regarding our wedding photos how amazing they are. The lighting, the way he captures the moment still makes me smile and feel like I can have my wedding day all over again. If I could do it all over again I would use Kurt in a heartbeat! Kurt is a truly skilled artistic detailed photographer that I truly admire. I will never stop thanking Kurt, he is a master of his art. His talent and vision captured one of the happiest days of my life.

Bride & Groom enjoying the moment high above the Vrtba garden

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