Lake Eibsee wedding couple in rowboat

Lake Eibsee wedding couple in rowboat

As the Alps tower above them, Leslie & Steve enjoy a few quiet moments in a red rowboat during their Lake Eibsee wedding in Bavaria.

As a destination wedding photographer I never tire of the amazing locations that couples bring me to. I knew that Leslie & Steve's wedding in Grainau was going to be a beautiful affair as they planned on marrying overlooking the crystal clear waters of Lake Eibsee. These two are active duty servicemen in the US military and they contacted me asking if I would be willing to travel to Germany on their behalf. They were so excited, so sweet and as I come from a long line of military servicemen I could not say no.

Though their wedding day started off a bit gloomy the forecast was not too terrible - just occasional rains. Thankfully just before their wedding the sky cleared a bit and the threat of rain seemingly was holding off. With a beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the lake and a few funny moments during the ceremony the sun thankfully warmed everyone up as they recited their vows.

After much celebration and congratulations these two decided to take leave of their guests in a red rowboat for a few moments to themselves. I always encourage couples to take time away from everyone to devote to each other. Weddings can be so choreographed that couples rarely have time for one another until time for bed in the evening. The waters were surprisingly calm as they rowed farther and farther out. The only sounds were that of the passing boat of their wedding guests who went by to take photos and cheer them on as the sky darkened again.

And just as our hearts sank with the darkness above, the sun broke through just at just the right time while Steve and Leslie unprompted gave each other a nice hug in the middle of the lake. It was not only unplanned but a wonderful moment that they will never forget.

This was one of my first destination weddings from 2010 and so I feel a personal affinity towards it. This moment is also quite popular with many people from around the world and has been featured on many blogs and websites - including several photographers who borrowed it for their websites...

The bride & her groom in a red rowboat under the Alps on Lake Eibsee

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