Happy Bride Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong Luxury Wedding

Happy Bride Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong Luxury Wedding

Unbeknownst to me CY is well known in Hong Kong and when they traveled to Prague for a 2 day pre-wedding portrait session we had a fantastic time. It was in the middle of winter so their pre-wedding had a truly winter theme vibe. After the 2nd day of shooting they asked me and my lighting assistant out for dinner at one of the swankiest places in Prague. I had not idea what they had in mind but in the middle of our dinner they both smiled and asked if I would be willing to travel to Hong Kong and be a quest at their wedding? And if I was interested maybe I can bring a camera along as Helen loves my approach. I was a bit speechless to be honest as that was not what I was expecting.

A few weeks later I arrived in Hong Kong to be greeted by a driver and a Mercedes S Class. The trip was of course Cathay Pacific - the personal assistant was very apologectic as she had to put me in Business Class as 1st Class was already sold out. The accomodation: a suite at the Hotel Intercontinental onTsim Sha Tsui, a place I know very well and love.

The next day we met up at their hotel The Peninsula where we laughed and hugged. To be honest, I felt out of my league as everything was so opulent. Their suite - The Peninsula Suite left me in shock. At the top of the hotel with the most beautiful view of Victoria Harbor it was incredible.

As CY later told me, he was very lucky in life and also has a very good feel about people. This feeling he has guides him through his life: as he stated he is a very lucky man in that he surrounds himself with good people. When I asked him what he would like from me, he just said, join us on our wedding day and have fun.

Indeed I did. When I was introduced to his film and video crew (6 or 7 people in total not including the editors) they told me that this was indeed a big wedding in Hong Kong. Of course this crew also represented the very best in Hong Kong and those guys were an absolute blast to be with. As the leader told me - they were warned his American photographer was going to be around them. They looked up my work on line and told me 'welcome to Hong Kong'. They were a trip - every photographer had a different lens so that they each were shooting something truly unique and spread themselves out.

On the day of I was with CY and the boys and I must say, those lads are brilliantly funny and warm people. I photographed what I wanted and just observed (and tried to get out of the way of the Hong Kong crew). It was all very 1st class and very well organized. In fact, it was the most incredible wedding I have ever photographed. To be honest more incredible than the other VIP's ones I was a part of.

One of my favorite pictures came (and it is this image) after the wedding ceremony when we had a few moments of down time. Most of the guests had left - on their way to the incredibly lavish dinner and party. It was with this family time that Hellen walked out on to the outdoor area saw me and started spinning in her dress. It is one of my favorite pictures from that incredible experience when the very best of Hong Kong opened their arms and welcomed me.

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