Breathtaking sunrise wedding photos from Prague

Breathtaking sunrise wedding photos from Prague

Many couples from China dream of traveling to a far away land to have a set of creative and emotional wedding day portraits that they can showcase during their wedding day back at home. For this lucky couple their dream became a reality. On a cool summer morning after the hair & makeup prep was finished we did just that - headed out to photograph them as they took in the sites and enjoyed the peace and solitude of a city that was still sleeping. For our adventurous couples who brave the very early morning wake up call Mother Nature normally does her best to provide them with a gorgeous sunrise. On this particular day she did just that. From our vantage point near the riverside we had an unobstructed view of the Charles Bridge as the swans glided by gracefully.

What was especially nice about this couple and their session is that we were able to create and accomplish so much in our 6 hours. They had the very stylish & posed lit portraits, the natural styled - intimate moments and a few landscapes that captured where they stood during that unforgettable moment in time. This picture of them taking in the sunrise is one of their faves: just two people who promised to spend the rest of their lives together enjoying a sunrise that they will always look back on and smile.

Beautifully Captured Sunrise Pre Weddings From Prague

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