Lovers under the Powder Tower

Lovers under the Powder Tower

It was not exactly great weather, in fact, it was freezing when Joyce & Timmy flew over from Hong Kong to have the first of 5 pre-wedding photo sessions captured in Europe. The first location on their wonderful adventure: Prague. When we met up with them they were very excited about their session and we were especially looking forward to creating something very special for them. We decided on a very early morning start to create some artistic images.

We were all hoping for snow but it was not to be. On a winter morning we met up with them at the very cold and very quiet Prague Castle where no one else but a few castle guards were around. As Joyce is a very sexy young lady we wanted to create some very stylish & elegant photos of her and Timmy before heading to the riverside. With a video crew and two lighting people we were ready for everything – but the cold weather. Truth be told there is nothing more wonderful than having a winter themed session in Prague when we have lots of snow. But when there is not snow, well, it is what it is.

As cold as it was Timmy being the good guy that he is was doing his best to keep Joyce warm and while we were on the Charles Bridge he was more than happy to pick her up and spin her around making for some incredible Golden Light portraits. After a few hour our session ended at the roof top terrace of the U Prince Hotel overlooking the Old Town Square. By that time the city was really waking up and as we timed this session accordingly it was time for us to say our adieu’s.

One of my favorite images of them: the two of them taking in the Charles Bridge before sunrise when the water reflected the lights. It was truly an unforgettable image and it was also beautifully captured by our wonderful video crew led by Cary Hubbs.

We heard back from Joyce a few days later, her weather in Hallstadt for their second winter themed session? Only 0-5 degrees. Brr…

Joyce & Timmy I winter pre wedding portrait session in Prague!

To view this gorgeous collection of bespoke portraits please use this link here.

And the lovely bride to be left us a wonderful review on Google:

I definitely love the pre wedding pictures taken by Kurt. It’s full of art. We have chosen the two hours before and after the golden hours. The sunlight is surely taken at right position. It’s the best photos we have taken along the five pre wedding places We have been. Despite the cold weather, Kurt is so kind to serve us hot tea and bread. The makeup by Linda is also professional, she makes me like a pop star.

Thank you Joyce again for selecting my team – it was a real pleasure creating this beautiful session for you.

Designer Books for every couple and their budgets!

For many of our couples having a designer book to complement their Prague pre-wedding photo session is a must have. Though the prices for book production are cheaper in Hong Kong and Asia, who is really handling the design? A person who knows Prague intimately and what additional images that can be used to help to the story of your journey to Prague or a paid employee who is quickly putting your book together with not care or interest in telling your story?

This is why we are now offering luxury oriented designer books. Our coffee table books are 11x14 inches so they are sized big enough to show off your images beautifully. They have lay flat, hard thick pages and feature real archival photo paper. And as we design them we are able to create truly bespoke wedding books.

What is currently very popular with our designer books is to include images of Prague such as the Charles Bridge, or bridge details in to our design. As much as I would love to show off our designs I think there are some secrets we will keep for our couples. But to give you an idea of some of the wonderful stock images we use please see below and keep in mind that for our very artistic minded couples we also create stunning layouts in Black and White where these images really pop.

And then we have our Signature Art Series of images. These images are selected by us and are recreated in an artistic way. As we do not wish to give away too many of our ideas and secrets (knowing our competitors are very good at copying our ideas) we will only showcase a few here.

This is a very popular portrait that many of our American couples are asking for: A collage of two young lovers and a 2nd (or 3rd) image collaged to create a very unique and artistic image.

To inquire about our specially designed Signature Art Series Portraits during your Prague pre-wedding photo session contact us today as we would love to create something truly unique for you.

A collage showing T&M and the Prague skyline portrait

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