overlooking Prague at night

overlooking Prague at night

Dreaming of a stunning pre-wedding photo session in Prague? Or perhaps you are looking for the best in creative & beautiful pre weddings & wedding photos from Prague, Czech Republic!

Or perhaps you are a young successful couple who wish to have a very unique art directed pre wedding portrait session during your travels in Europe. If any of these describe you we would love to speak with you.

Our creative & art directed wedding portraits are not only popular with our friends from Asia but are becoming more sought after for our hip couples from North America who wish to have something more than the usual wedding portrait or pre wedding portrait session.

With our team of lighting professionals, hair & makeup artists and art direction by Kurt Vinion we can create any style of wedding portraits you desire. When you hire a professional photographer you should expect professional results.

Our sessions can start early in the morning before the city awakes so that we can focus on creating stunning night time atmospheric images that will blow your family & friends minds. We will then focus on capturing the Golden Light Hour of portraits after the sunset and then take in a garden or two to truly create a unique and stunning collection of images. With our crew we will ensure that you have the looks, the styles and most importantly the images that you dream.

Timeless, Elegant, Awesome wedding photography in Prague by American photographer Kurt Vinion, established in 2008.

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