The Magic of the Ledebour Garden

The Magic of the Ledebour Garden

As Jeff holds her high above him atop the steps - Ting bends down to give him a kiss as they are surrounded by the vivid display of the Autumn colors at the Ledebour Garden.

This couple were such a treat. First, they were painfully shy, so much so that they felt that the whole pre wedding process (something that they must do for their family & friends back home in Singapore) was just not them. As they explaine - they do not look great in photos and have never been happy with. As I listened to their concerns I knew just how to allay them. I proposed that instead of my crew, it would be just the three of us, walking, exploring and hopefully having a laugh as they visited this enchanting city. But (there is always a but) we must start it before sunrise. The idea, keep it simple, allow the photos to present themselves and to just go with the flow. They were game.

On the morning of we were treated with a wonderful sunrise which lifted their spirits. The more they walked around and took things in the more energy and happiness they felt. Instead of posing them, I simply showed them some of the best places to explore.

This picture of Jeff picking up his bride and really holding her up was the culimination of that time. It was unplanned and yet, beautiful. Their session is still one of my faves, not because we have those awesome lit portraits where everyone looks like a bad ass. Instead, we have two people in love and having beautiful moments captured as they explored a city they fell in love with. Thanks to these photos they will not only be able to impress their family & friends, but relive that wonderful morning when Prague was their city.

A beautiful Autumn morning at the Ledebour Garden

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