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Spinning the bride-to-be under Prague Castle photo
Happy wedding couple running across Charles Bridge
romantic & artistic wedding photos from Venice, Italy
sexiest bride from Shanghai photographed in Prague
fine art pre weddings: Vintage Tram Couple Portrait
Striking a pose under the tower on the Charles Bridge
Bride & Dress from above Prague Castle
Janice & Robinson - Autumn
Catherine at the riverside
Hong Kong Bride2b Yvonne under the Orloj in Prague
dark & moody pre weddings Prague
Wendy & Jack - Prague Ledebour Garden
castle guards stand watch as bride & groom kiss
Michelle & Jack - Venice
sexy, elegant, timeless portraits pre sunrise Prague
 walking with his bride
sun flare + elegant couple + Wallenstein garden
light, shadow, movements
woman in red + horse & carriage Old Town Square Prague
bride & groom kissing at night in a snowstorm in Prague
bathed in the summer sunlight bride & veil photo
John Lennon Wall pre wedding photo
Panoramic photo of couple dancing in Novy Svet
walking in Prague at twilight atop the Charles Bridge
a sexy kiss for the bride-to-be on the Charles Bridge
A magical kiss atop the Charles Bridge
Lovers + White Peacock + Wallenstein Garden + Prague
fun with the veil
Bride & Groom posing as Castle Guards at Prague Castle
dramatic kiss under the veil Old Town Square Prague
Hong Kong pre-wedding photos
twilight couple at the Charles Bridge
Regina (USA) pre wedding bridal portrait
Emotive pre weddings from Venice Italy
New York City Hipsters Prague Castle pre-wedding
Cool Kids hanging out above Prague
The bride2be Helen during her winter pre wedding Prague
bride striking a pose for her man Vrtba Garden Prague
Gorgeous bride from Singapore at the Ledebour Garden
Fine Art Portrait of bride & groom atop Charles Bridge
Bridal portrait of Cecelia (Macau) Prague pre wedding
pre-wedding bridal portrait
M+H Stylish Vienna pre wedding
garden kiss for the lovely bride2be
Michelle's pre wedding Hotel Danieli Venice Italy
Fine Art pre wedding portrait Vrtba Garden Prague
Sun flared portraits of Daisy & Louis in Venice
timeless elegant bridal portraits Mirror Chapel Prague
Authentic pre weddings Prague winter couple at sunrise
magazine styled portrait sessions Prague
Lovers under the Powder Tower
dancing in the sunshine near Charles Bridge
cinematic inspired portrait elegant couple Prague
romantic night portrait couple near Charles Bridge
wedded couple walking in Prague's little Venice
sexy engagement photo at Rome Castel Sant Angelo
Wendy & Jack Prague pre wedding
watching sunrise over Prague Chinese couple engagement
Bad Ass engagement photos Prague C+L Macau
Stylish & Elegant pre weddings Prague
Lady in red Prague Castle pre weddings
Having the time of your life Prague Old Town Square
A sunrise in Venice with Daisy & Louis
touching moment shared on a spcial morning in Prague.
fine art photos at sunrise Charles Bridge
Shek O Beach Hong Kong stylish bride & groom
Castle Romance R+F luxury pre weddings Prague
timeless elegance I gorgeous couple I Prague Castle
enjoying the Autumn colors of Prague
elegant couple night time portrait St. Vitus Cathedral
kiss for the bride2be in the rain
Lovers at Midnight Prague train station pre weddings
wedding couple enjoy romantic view above Prague
Y&R Cinematic inspired night time pre-weddings Prague
Castle sunset
veil flare
The Magic of the Ledebour Garden
life's little pleasures
Prague Wallenstein Garden beautiful photo young couple
walking through Ledebour Garden
sun flare leads a couple in the Old Town of Prague
Sunrise in San Marco, Venice Italy
lovers under the Cherry Blossom Trees in Prague
wedded couple dancing Palazzo Parisio ballroom
Romantic Charles Bridge engagement picture at night
Happiness is watching your bride2be twirling her dress
radiant bride2be St. Vitus Night Time pre wedding

Featuring heartfelt & beautiful pre wedding photos from Prague & worldwide

Why us?

The professional photographers choice*

When it comes to capturing the happiest time of your lives, no one does it with more style & artistic ability than Kurt Vinion. Kurt is known for his beautiful, flawlessly retouched & atmospheric images! As a professional Kurt creates photos that are for you and about you. Kurt takes the time to find out what you wish to have, your style(s), personalities and then he creates unique images to you. As every couple is unique so should their pre-wedding photos. But don't just take our word for it, visit our other sections to see more.

Kurt regularly works around Europe and at times in Hong Kong - as such some of these images are from those locations.

For couples who demand the best pre wedding experience possible, please make sure to visit our sunrise pre weddings gallery.

* chosen by 8 professional wedding & portrait photographers to capture their love stories

pre wedding photographer in Prague, Venice, Rome, and other European destinations


International photojournalism awards:

The Best of Photojournalism 2 - 1st places in Magazine and Reportage

Czech Press Photo - numerous awards in various categories

Hearst Journalism Award

KNPA Sports Photographer of the Year

and various others

The BEST AWARD: being told that children were being adopted from an orphanage in the Ukraine by American couples who had seen

my reportage on their plight. The truth is: there are no awards that can ever top that!

Kurt's photography has been exhibited internationally in: New York City, London, Prague and Louisville

Looking for information to ensure you have the best photo shooting experience?

One of the most important decisions couples will need to make is in knowing what style they desire.


Traditional photographers are similar to what your parents have. Straightforward photos that are not highly creative and usually posed. The simplicity is what attracts some couples who do not want their images to look dated due to the new fads such as photoshopping of sunbursts or pee yellow coloring.Though the problem arises when you have a photographer who will pose you in the same way at every location. Thus this style is not really suitable for a pre wedding photo session.

Photojournalist or reportage photographers document you as you explore your surroundings or just enjoy the moment. There is minimal involvement. These photos are less artistic or magazine worthy, but they are genuine moments that tell your story from the beginning to the end. Many of them will create images in black and white and a few will shoot your session in film.

Editorial photographers will pose couples to achieve artistic & magazine worthy images. It takes more time to create this look and the photographer must really be on his or her game in achieving this style quickly. When done well it has the feel of a high-end, luxury magazine photo essay.

Dark & Moody is exactly what it sounds; dark, moody and when done well - dramatic. By working with harsh light or with shadows they create a uniquely dark visual style. This style is especially suited for adventurous elopements - think of those amazing mountain vistas or valleys at dawn or dusk of the bride and groom snuggled up. Though wonderful for elopements it may not be practical for most couples who want and or need a variety of images.

Fine Art photographers are commonly associated with film. It has a more light, bright and airy feel to the images. When done well the imagery tends to be very polished and the portraits have a natural look. These photographers tend to work only in natural light.

Contemporary or modern photographers tend to offer various styles as they take creative risks. They will incorporate artistic angles, lighting and utilize the atmosphere to create dramatic images as well as capture heartfelt images. They will also pose portraits as well as capture the candids. The better ones are also able to work with both natural and artificial lights to create dramatic imagery. As their style is much more fluid they are usually much more agreeable to their clients wishes.

For anyone who is wondering what style I am? The truth is I create in a style that best suits each couple. For many couples this means having a variety of images that they can choose from. As a professional photographer being able to create in any style is what defines those who are always pushing to learn and create more than those who stay confined to one style.


We have all heard of the horror stories of couples who choose their photographer purely on price and regretting it later. As these sessions are an investment for many couples - investing in the right photographer is important. After all - at the end of the day - your photos are all that you will have from your pre-wedding experience. Finding a professional who has been around for a while and one how offers a variety of syles and unique looks - is usually the best bet.

Budget photographers in Prague can be found for around 50-100 EUR per hour. They are either still learning their craft or are people who are hustling to make a bit of money on the side. They rarely have backup equipment or the expertise to handle any and every situation that regularly occurs. As they are still learning, they are usually not up to speed on simple things such as: retouching, lighting, posing couples or making them feel comfortable and etc. As their price is low so must the clients expectations. This is why you can find 100's of photographers at the very low end of the market.

Talented & reliable Prague pre-wedding photographers charge anywhere form 125-200 EUR per hour. These are the seasoned professionals who create quality as opposed to quantity. A few of them will travel for destinations to build their portfolio. The discrepancy in this price range is based on multiple factors such as: photographers from the East (Ukraine, Russia, etc) who market for this area but actually do not live or pay taxes here. Other factors are the many part timers who undercut the market in hopes of attracting volume. Please note that this price point does not reflect the costs of the hair & makeup artists, the lighting crews and etc.

Why it is better to hire a local than bring one with you. Simply stated, having a local photographer will make it that much easier for you to have the best expeirence. They know the city, the best times of day and how to get from point A - to point B quickly so that you can not only enjoy your session but maximize it to its fullest. Many photographers who come to Prague to build their portfolios will only concentrate on the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town and a few spots near the river. Prague has many more wonderful locations that that and when you have a local - he or she would be happy to show you more.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss your session more in detail please do not hesitate to get in touch. As every couple is unique so should their photography.

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