Elegance in B&W - Andrea bridal portrait
A kiss for his bride at the Vrtba garden
groom checks out his brides wedding dress
The very happy bride & groom pictured above Vrtba
Above the Vrtba Garden with newlyweds Katie & Michael
Walking in the Vrtba Garden on wedding day
The bride & groom during their wedding reception
Vrtba Garden tearful moments
The officiant has a few words
radiant bride during her wedding at the Vrtba Garden
Arrival of the bride & groom Vrtba Garden wedding
Floral arrangement for the rings I Vrtba Garden
The happiest bride & groom at the Vrtba Garden
happy newylweds enjoying the Vrtba Garden
The sexy Carrie & Matt moments after marrying
Portrait of the bride & groom at the Vrtba Garden
Taking the groom's hand Vrtba Garden wedding portrait
A family portrait of the newlyweds at the Vrtba Garden
friends & family congratulate the newlyweds
A kiss for the newlyweds
Katie places ring on Michael's finger I Vrtba Garden
Mother of the bride I Vrtba Garden wedding
Vrtba Garden wedding arrival of Bride & groom
Vrtba Garden newlyweds photo Prague
A fun portrait of the bride & groom Vrtba Garden
Hipster bride & groom in 'slow motion' Vrtba Garden
Vrtba Garden Luxury wedding
Vrtba garden weddings bride & groom
Champagne toast for the newlyweds at the Vrtba Garden
A round of applause for the newlyweds
bride saying her wedding vows I Vrtba Garden wedding
The groom stands on a cloth during his wedding day
The bride & Groom at the Vrtba Garden
Religious icons and the blessings Vrtba Garden wedding