rainbow above Vrtba garden wedding photo
Portrait of the bride & groom at the Vrtba Garden
A kiss for the bride from above Vrtba Garden in Prague
Religious icons and the blessings Vrtba Garden wedding
Michael awaits his bride at the Vrtba Garden
The Vrtba Garden floral set up and table and chairs
K+M (UK) Vrtba Garden destination wedding in Prague 1
The Vrtba Garden wedding interior styling and design
The very happy bride & groom pictured above Vrtba
Holding his brides hand - Vrtba Garden wedding
Katie places ring on Michael's finger I Vrtba Garden
The happy groom during his Vrtba Garden wedding
Michael watches bride as she arrives to wedding
Floral arrangement for the rings I Vrtba Garden
The Vrtba Garden wedding venue
Bride waiting for her husband at Prague Castle
bride saying her wedding vows I Vrtba Garden wedding
radiant bride during her wedding at the Vrtba Garden
Father of the bride escorts her to her awaiting groom
Michael smiles moments before his wedding starts
Floral arrangements at the Vrtba Garden in Prague