Mother gets a surprise hug
Brides Mother & Father is encouraged to kiss
wedded couple and guests watch the balloons rise
balloons carrying wishes are released in to the sky
beautiful, unposed bridal portraits of Katie
Champagne toast for the newlyweds at the Vrtba Garden
The bride & groom during their wedding reception
wedding guests congratulate the bride & groom
A round of applause for the newlyweds
Holding his brides hand - Vrtba Garden wedding
the proud mother watches the wedding ceremony
The officiant has a few words
The groom holding aloft the wedding ring
The father of the bride watches the wedding ceremony
radiant bride during her wedding at the Vrtba Garden
Mother of the bride I Vrtba Garden wedding
The happy groom during his Vrtba Garden wedding
Arrival of the bride & groom Vrtba Garden wedding
Religious icons and the blessings Vrtba Garden wedding
Father of the bride escorts her to her awaiting groom
Michael watches bride as she arrives to wedding
Michael awaits his bride at the Vrtba Garden
Michael smiles moments before his wedding starts
Floral arrangement for the rings I Vrtba Garden