quiet moment between bride & groom secret garden Prague
wedding cake and a kiss
the wedding cake Alchymist Grand Hotel weddings Prague
wedding guests take pictures during the party
Time to party Prague weddings Alchymist Grand Hotel
As the heart burns - wedding day kiss
time to light the heart
time for everyone to start dancing
1st dance of the bride & Groom
groom hugs a guest Alchymist Grand Hotel in Prague
Alchymist Grand Hotel wedding toast for the newlyweds
Brides Mother & Father is encouraged to kiss
Newlyweds Kiss Alchymist Grand Hotel weddings Prague
Champagne toast for the newlyweds Alchymist in Prague
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details of the Alchymist Grand Hotel in Prague
throwing the key to the Love Lock away
balloons carrying wishes are released in to the sky
Wishes for the bride & groom on the Charles Bridge
bride & groom walk through Ledebour on wedding day
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wedded couple overlooking Ledebour Garden in Prague
A sexy kiss for the bride at Prague Castle
Spinning his bride at Prague Castle during wedding day
Gorgeous bride & groom at Prague Castle
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Happy Newlyweds above Prague
cuddling newlyweds Katie & Michael Prague wedding
bride & groom embracing above Prague on wedding day
escorting his bride down the stairs at Vrtba Garden
wedding couple areal view above Vrtba Garden
beautiful bride Katie photographed at Vrtba Garden
the happy bride & groom at the Vrtba Garden
The bride & groom during their wedding reception
A round of applause for the newlyweds
Father of the bride escorts her to her awaiting groom
Michael smiles moments before his wedding starts
bride & groom dance at sunrise Charles Bridge
wedding day couple portrait I Silhouette I Vila Bled
Gorgeous wedding couple embracing above Prague
the cutting of the wedding cake at the Alchymist Prague
time for dancing and laughing
boogieing on the dance floor Alchymist Grand Hotel
Party time revelers take to the stage
A hug and a kiss for the groom as a heart burns
waiting for the fire show
mad skills bride & groom wedding dance Alchymist Hotel
The bride & groom are honored with gifts
everyone must hug now Alchymist Grand Hotel wedding
The brides parents kiss at the wedding dinner
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Russian wedding tradition at the Alchymist Grand Hotel
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locking the love lock near the Charles Bridge
wedded couple releasing the balloons on Charles Bridge
wedded couple with the wishes on the balloons
fine art wedding day portrait of Katie & Michael
wedding couple embrace at Ledebour garden above Prague
sun flared kiss of the newlyweds at Prague Castle
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Michael watches bride as she arrives to wedding
the wedding rings await I Vrtba Garden
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bride & groom hand in hand Queen Anne's Summer Palace
happy bride & groom at the Alchymist Hotel in Prague
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wedding guests dance at the Alchymist in Prague
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1st dance of the newlyweds at the Alchymist
Mother gets a surprise hug
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newlyweds breaking of the champagne flutes
The parents and the Russian tradition with the bread
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Bride & Groom walking hand in hand at Prague Castle
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Above the Vrtba Garden with newlyweds Katie & Michael
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Bride & Groom walk with Prague Castle in background
Champagne toast for the newlyweds at the Vrtba Garden
friends & family congratulate the newlyweds
A kiss for the newlyweds
Michael awaits his bride at the Vrtba Garden
The Vrtba Garden and it's painted frescoes