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 Zlata & Pavel
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Bride & Groom having a laugh
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Champagne toast for the newlyweds
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Ringing the bells Lake Bled Slovenia Wedding couple
relaxing with a glass of wine Lake Bled weddings
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Horse & Carriage ride for the newlyweds Bled, Slovenia
'Just Married' the happy couple at Lake Bled
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Bride picks up groom St. Martin's Church Bled, Slovenia
Walking down aisle St. Martins's Church Slovenia
Bride fluffing her wedding dress Bled Castle Slovenia
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Lake Bled Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria
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the King and his Queen in Prague
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Carrying his girlfriend across the Charles Bridge
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The Happiest newlyweds in Slovenia T&S
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Celebrating in the Golden Light Hour Lake Bled
The happy bride enjoying her wedding cake
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Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria
wedding couple enjoying boat ride Lake Bled
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bride & groom with horse & carriage Lake Bled
wedded couple walking under St. Martin's Church
Holy Kiss St. Martin's Church Bled Slovenia
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Wedding couple viewing Lake Bled from Bled Castle
T+S enter Bled Castle on wedding day
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