Mother gets a surprise hug
Bride & Groom walking hand in hand at Prague Castle
beautiful, unposed bridal portraits of Katie
bride & groom embracing above Prague on wedding day
A family portrait of the newlyweds at the Vrtba Garden
The bride & Groom at the Vrtba Garden
K+M (UK) Vrtba Garden destination wedding in Prague 1
carrying the bride Prague wedding Charles Bridge
Gorgeous bride & groom at Prague Castle
moment shared between bride & groom above Prague
walking with the bride & groom
The happy newlyweds at the Vrtba Garden
Vrtba Garden wedding arrival of Bride & groom
leading his bride up the Ledebour steps
Walking through Prague Castle K+M
Smiling bride & the lucky groom - Prague weddings
beautiful bride Katie photographed at Vrtba Garden
Vrtba Garden tearful moments
Father of the bride escorts her to her awaiting groom