newlyweds enjoying the sunset at the Troja Palace

newlyweds enjoying the sunset at the Troja Palace

The bride Aliona who hails from Russia and her American goom John step outside for a few moments during their wedding day celebrations at the Troja Palace in Prague. Aliona & John had fallen in love with Prague on a prior visit and made the decision to marry here as it was the half way point for both sides of their families. The couple went all out in having a lavish wedding for their family & friends who traveled in from around the world to watch them exchange their vows and to enjoy the celebration they had in store.

The Troja Palace was selected for several reasons, the unique historical palace is in an enclosed area offering maximum privacy. The palace was influenced by French and Italian archietecs but mostly the work of architect Jean Baptiste Mathey. The palace's main room is decorated with a magnificent baroque Habsburg's apotheosis. Many mythological elements are presented in this trompe-l'œildecoration. It was realised by the brothers Abraham and Izaak Godijn, painters from Antwerp who commenced their work at the castle in 1690. The paintings are considered to be among the best examples of Baroque fresco painting in Northern Europe. The fresco's use illusionist effects and narrate in a triumphalist way the history of the Habsburg Dynasty. The design follows the Baroque schema of architectural symbolism whereby the ceiling depicts the celestial world and the walls the terrestrial world. The ceiling is decorated with celestial beings that were said to protect the Habsburg territories. Underneath the curved surfaces below the ceiling, angels and putti are floating before trompe-l'œil architecture showing scenes from Habsburg history.

This portrait of Aliona & John was a bit unplanned as there are usually so many events planned in the evening. But as they used the excuse of needing some fresh air and a few quick photos to get away we quickly took advantage of our limited time. This is one of those simple yet whimisical images of a bride & groom enjoying the moment on their wedding day in Prague.

A luxury wedding at the Palace Troja

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