She said Yes! Celebrating their love above Prague!

She said Yes! Celebrating their love above Prague!

A sunrise marriage proposal overlooking Prague!

These two traveled over from Singapore for their Prague vacation. He sold his girlfriend on having a vacation portrait session in Prague. Little did she know that the whole point of getting up very early and arriving to our 'secret spot' overlooking Prague to watch the sunrise would turn in to a surprise marriage proposal.

As the sun crept slowly and the first rays of light began to break these two snuggle up tighter and tighter. Then the moment happened. He stood up walked and then quietly dropped to his knee as he outstretched his hand with a box and an engagement ring. She was clearly shocked and jumped in his arms.

After a few moments of hugging, kissing and more hugging, balloons and champagne were brought out. This is one of the quieter photos after that wonderful moment where they just sat there, staring in to the sunrise contemplating their future together as the day become warmer.

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