For many couples visiting Prague the first question they ask is where to go? Obviously the historic Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter and many places in and around the riverside in Mala Strana are gorgeous. But Prague also has stunning gardens that should also be considered.

The Magic of the Ledebour Garden


Offering many levels overlooking Prague and Mala Strana below. This garden also has a wide array of architectural elements, gardens, fountains as well as a few hidden surprises

  • a picture perfect location for adventurous couples
  • 1 hour of time is the very least you should devote to this garden
  • the downside it is an uphill and a steep walk
  • should only be captured early in the day due to it's location
  • admittance fee of 1000 CZK (40 EUR)
  • no parking

WPJA Diamond Award - Prague - overlooking Vrtba


One of the most charming Baroque gardens in Prague offering 3 levels of incredible views. This garden is very popular as a wedding venue as such it can be quite busy with tourists and weddings. However the views from this garden under Prague Castle are not only impressive, but are a must have for couples who are investing in their Prague pre wedding photo session. You can realistically spend 1 hour here and have a collection of portraits that you will be quite proud of.

  • perfect for adventurous couples who are not afraid of heights and are willing to spend at the very least 1 hour here
  • the downside - it is an uphill and a steep walk so high heels are not advised (change into a 2nd pair of comfortable shoes)
  • should only be captured late in the day due to it's location
  • perfect for capturing dramatic skyline images of Prague Castle and St. Nicholas Church
  • admittance fee of 500 CZK (20 EUR)
  • no parking



Without a doubt the most popular (with free entry) garden in Prague. The Castle Gardens are quite special in the amount of wonderful locations it offers. As it sits under the castle it offers stunning views of the city down below and in addition to the castle grounds it is a venue not to be missed. You can easily spend several hours here.

  • picture perfect for views overlooking Prague
  • many unique locations for picture taking
  • free admittance
  • this garden is very busy with tourists
  • waiting times can be up to 45 minutes just to enter the garden
  • to really capture the many wonderful locations you would need to spend at least 1-2 hours here

Lovers + White Peacock + Wallenstein Garden + Prague


Another wonderful garden that offers beautiful landscaped grounds with a small lake, a stunning view looking up towards Prague Castle, and interesting architectural elements. Plus the many peacocks who call it home are always a hit with couples.

  • picture perfect for stunning architectural views of Prague
  • ideal times late afternoon when the sun is behind the castle above
  • several unique locations for picture taking
  • free admittance
  • extremely busy with tourists and concerts

wedding couple enjoy romantic view above Prague


It was a secret until it a Korean soap opera used the location and then the city started putting it on its maps and with cameras having GSM coordinates built in the secret is no more. The reality is this is a wonderful place to have a portrait captured or to sit back and watch the sunrise and perhaps the sunset. Showing the castle on the left and the city and especially Mala Strana down below Socha Panny Marie z Exilu is a rare gem and has a distinct place in the heart of many people who live and love this special part of the city.

  • an ideal location for stunning architectural views of Prague Castle & Mala Strana
  • ideal times late afternoon when the sun is behind the castle above or sunrise
  • a unique location for picture taking and the bonus is you are in a beautiful park
  • free admittance
  • difficult to walk to as the paths have not been finished

Gorgeous couple Berta & Tux Pruhonice Castle


First thing to note this garden is not in Prague it is 30 minutes south of the city. However this impressive Botanical Garden features a stunning castle and is a truly remarkable place for those couples who are having a large package and are willing to travel outside of the city centre.

  • lush greenery with the castle and a lake as a backdrop
  • unique locations for picture taking
  • the downside - paid admittance
  • traveling to and from is on average 60 minutes
  • to really capture this location you would need to spend at least 1 hour here

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