Prague wedding & portrait photographer Kurt Vinion

I am not keen on talking about myself. It is not that I have nothing interesting to say, it's just that I would rather find out who you are, how you two met, those funny stories that brought you together, and especially - why here and now? That is interesting.

My favorite photojournalism instructor once said: 'don't show me what it looks like, show me what it feels like.' Truth is, that is quite challenging and something I strive to do every time I pick up the camera.

For me there is no greater reward than capturing a beautiful, intimate moment shared between people on one of the most important days of their lives. While many view this as a hobby to make money on the side - I view this as my life's goal: creating beautiful, unforgettable image that will become family heirlooms. Knowing that my work can bring so much joy is one of the biggest reasons why I left photojournalism behind.

How does one characterize my work? How about creative, moment driven, editorial magazine style with flare - literally and figuratively (no fake sunbursts or photoshopping): where capturing real moments are key to each images success. Some will call it, cinematic, while others will say it is reportage styled artistic images.

What is my background?

Professionally I have worked as a photojournalist with The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Mother Jones, Spectrum Pictures and many magazines worldwide. I have covered assignments in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, Belarus, Russia and many countries in Europe...

Additionally I spent 3-years photographing celebrities in Berlin for Getty Images and Wire Images after tiring of the reportage workload and yes, of the travel... Some of the 'celebrities' were interesting and those Berlin parties were fantastic (the ones I remember). But to be honest, photographing celebrities is quite boring, tedious work, with very little creativity as celebrity imagery are so controlled & contrived...

Before moving to Europe, I was a very young, Director of Photography at The University of Louisville Athletic Dept.

In addition, I was also the event & personal photographer for Muhammad Ali and his foundation and I feel honored to have spent so much time with Muhammad and meeting many of the greats of boxing. Being from Louisville definitely has its perks (a big shout out to Tom Cruise - we had a great laugh about his time growing up in Louisville).

I majored in Photojournalism/Fine Art at WKU one of America's top photojournalism programs well renowned for producing the very best photojournalists in the world.


The truth is, I have won some of the biggest prizes in international photojournalism including: 2 - 1st Place Awards in the Best of Photojournalism as well as a hand full of Czech Press Photo Awards and a coveted Sports Photographer of the Year award. Yet, the best award: being told that American couples traveled to the Ukraine and adopted children after they viewed my documentary project on Ukraine's street children and their plight.

Knowing that my reportages gave children a new chance at life is priceless. It is the highlight of my very short and wonderful photojournalism career and I am still quite humbled by this experience. Honestly, there is no award that can ever top. The only other experience that topped that feeling - holding my newborn daughter in my hands for that very first time. Now that was truly awesome.

But enough about me, I want to hear about you, where you two are coming from, how you met and why here and now?