MingSi &Nicholas Prague pre-wedding

As the rain pours around them, a bride & groom are silhouetted against the night skyline of the Charles Bridge in Prague.
A woman wearing her wedding dress is kissed by her husband under an umbrella as the rain pours down around them against the Charles Bridge at night.

So what does one do when it rains on the day of? Normally we would postpone, but as this was MingSi and Nicholas’s only chance for their Prague pre-wedding we went ahead. Though it was pouring down rain when we started, we were lucky enough to see it stop about an hour later and when it did – we were gifted with beautiful weather and an unforgettable pre-wedding experience.

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American photographer Kurt Vinion has been creating the highest standard in pre-weddings in Prague since 2008. Known for his atmospheric and beautiful portraits, Kurt is regularly called upon to capture portrait sessions for discerning clients around Europe.

If you are interested in having a gorgeous pre-wedding – contact us today as we would love to work with you!

By Kurt Vinion

American portrait & wedding photographer Kurt Vinion has been capturing weddings, pre-weddings, family portraits & engagement sessions since 2008. Formerly a photojournalist and winner of many international awards and prizes, Kurt is always happy to create timeless, elegant, and artistic images for couples from around the world.