M&N Prague Rain!

As the rain pours around them, a bride & groom are silhouetted against the night skyline of the Charles Bridge in Prague.
A woman wearing her wedding dress is kissed by her husband under an umbrella as the rain pours down around them against the Charles Bridge at night.

Rain… lots of rain, but as fate would have it everything turned out beautifully for this couples pre wedding adventures in Prague!

MingSi & Nick are two really sweet people who are madly in love. They could have gone anywhere in the world for their most important pre wedding portrait session. Yet, they felt innately drawn towards Prague with it’s incredible architecture, laid back vibes and of course – the possibility to have fantastic portraits.

When we met up it was smiles all around as we discussed the timeline (early), the locations (the usual) and their styles – a mixture of both posed and natural. But what was of importance was for them to feel like their session was an adventure.

The day of…

When we awoke that morning we knew we had a bit of an issue: rain. We also knew that we only had this day to make it work so with some prior planning we were all set.

The rain certainly added to drama that morning but the truth is: when you have the right gear, lighting equipment and a fanastic lighting assistant. Creating fantastic portraits in the rain is not a problem at all. In fact we photographers love it!

As these two were also loving the results (on the back of the camera of course) we just went with it and of course as soon as we get in to it – the rain stopped. But that is ok as we had more to see and do.

Instead of bloviating to fulfill that ever so important SEO / keyword / word count for the almighty Google – I am just going to let this wonderful couples photos speak for themselves.

Presented here is a wonderful morning these two will be able to relive over and over again thanks to these beautiful moments.

For adventurous couples who desire something truy magical we always recommend getting up early and having a pre wedding before dawn.

To get an idea of how we approach this magical time (and the many types of sessions we can create) please visit this links on our main website:

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American photographer Kurt Vinion has been creating the highest standard in pre-weddings in Prague since 2008. Known for his atmospheric and beautiful portraits, Kurt is regularly called upon to capture portrait sessions for discerning clients around Europe.

If you are interested in having a gorgeous pre wedding – contact us today as we would love to work with you!

By Kurt Vinion

Prague wedding and pre wedding photographer Kurt Vinion (USA) has been capturing weddings, family portraits & engagement sessions in Prague since 2008. A former photojournalist and winner of many international awards and prizes, Kurt is always happy to create timeless, elegant and artistic images for couples from around the world.

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